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  1. The Price Is Right Slots App
  • As is the case with most slots, The Price is Right line wins pay left to right, and line wins are multiplied by the line bet. The 3D orange star symbol represents this slot’s wild symbol and will go ahead and replace for all other symbols, giving you the chance of creating new potentially winning combos which would have otherwise been unavailable.
  • You will feel like you are really at the studio while playing free Price Is Right. Amongst casino games, TV show based titles are the finest of them all, if done right. And Price Is Right online is a “well done” game. Game has 5 reels and 25 paylines – not a fixed number. It is easy enough to learn in mere seconds, ruleset is not complex.
  • The Price is Right™ Slots + MOD is for sure a great Casino app for Android, and the mod has been already downloaded about 10014 times just here on your favourite Android site! You'll love its mod gameplay for sure and we truly believe you'll enjoy it for many hours at home, at school, at the metro or anywhere you'll go with your Smartphone.

The Price Is Right Slots combines all the elements of the greatest game show of all times: Pricing Games, classic music, “The Big Wheel” and more! Android App Store and Blackberry App Store.

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Price Is Right Slots App
  • So wanted to like it. I live in Las Vegas and love the Price is Right slots. Thought I could play at home. Very unhappy
  • Great graphics, but hard to get anywhere. Big file size is a problem too. Still, I like the game overall.
  • The game is fun. Better than loosing real money. It's a game and reminds me of The TV show.
  • One of my favorites!! Punch a bunch is my favorite ? wish bigger payouts came a little more often. Still I love the price is right!!
  • I download this game on the recommendation of a few friend. I now know why, the only way to win on this game is to give money to your friends. You have better chance of winning the lottery than making any coin advancement on this ripoff game. It's only redeeming quality is the graphics.
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*** Become The Spin Master, Play The Price Is Right Slots!***
COME ON DOWN! Play the official new Price Is Right Slots on iPhone, iPod & iPad. The Price Is Right Slots combines all the elements of the greatest game show of all times: Pricing Games, classic music, “The Big Wheel” and more!
Try to beat the odds and unlock new slots based on the show’s classic Pricing Games as you level up. Multiply you winnings by making it to the Pricing Game Bonus Round, Contestants' Row, or by getting a shot at spinning the Big Wheel!
The Price Is Right Slots features:
• Slot Machines inspired by the show’s classic Pricing Games. Each include a Pricing Game Bonus Round: Shell Game, Three Strikes,...
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Online slot games based on television shows are rare, because it is hard to do them right. You need to think about the fan base too, not just only the game rules. But if you manage to do it right, you will have a slot machine which will run for years, with a devoted fan base. Being one of the oldest titles in the industry, Williams Interactive (WMS) is up to this job. And they do it well, as we can see with the Price Is Right slot title. This slot is similar to Black Knight.

This is a video slots game based on the famous television show with the same name, and its transition into the online casino games genre is almost perfect. You get to see everything you liked in the show, plus lots of bonus features and huge payouts. When it comes to slot games based on famous TV shows, you can trust WMS – they always deliver.


Price Is Right slot machine has very colorful graphics, just like the original show itself. Characters and symbols are hand drawn, they look nice and suit the theme perfectly. As for theme, this title belongs to the “Television” category, as can be clearly seen. Sound effects and music are taken directly from the original show, so they are high quality as well and provide an atmospheric effect. You will feel like you are really at the studio while playing free Price Is Right. Amongst casino games, TV show based titles are the finest of them all, if done right. And Price Is Right online is a “well done” game.

Game has 5 reels and 25 paylines – not a fixed number. It is easy enough to learn in mere seconds, ruleset is not complex. You won’t be having a hard time even if you are a new player, all of the buttons and sections are easily understandable. Price Is Right comes with wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins and bonus rounds, which are many. Almost all of the bonus rounds are based on the games in the original show, so they are fun and exciting. You can play for fun as a free slots game, or you can play for real money. No download is needed either way, but we recommend starting with demo version until you get enough practice.

How to Win

As we mentioned, there are 5 reels with three slots on them and 25 paylines. What you need is to get at least two same symbols on a single payline. Most of the slot games out there starts to pay with three symbols but you can win with only two symbols in Price Is Right, this is an advantage. When you look at the interface, you will see a “Lines” section.

You can set the payline amount from here and play with less paylines if you want. But this won’t be a wise move, since higher numbers mean higher possibilities. So we recommend always playing with all of the 25 paylines available. Next to this section, you can see the “Stake/Line” button. This is where you can set the coin value. It can be set between 1.00 and 10.00.

Setting it 10.00 means you are playing with the maximum bet amount, which is 350 coins. This is a wise strategy, especially combined with the Big Wheel feature (which we will explain below) but you are limited with only 1.000 coins for the demo mode. So if you are a free player, beware: You can spend all of your coins in three spins if you are not careful.

As for symbols, there are ten normal and two special ones. Price Is Right uses the classic method when it comes to symbols; some of them are high valued and some of them (playing card signs) are not. Whole paytable looks like this:

Symbol Name1 Symbol2 Symbol3 Symbol4 Symbol5 Symbol
Show Model-2251002500
Show Wheel-220501000
New Car--1525200
Tropical Island--1525200

The first two are the most important ones, since they start to pay with two and have the highest values.

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

There are two special symbols in the game as we mentioned, wild and scatter. But before that, we need to explain the “Big Wheel” feature.

There really is a big wheel to the right side of the screen. You can enable it any time during the normal game. Enabling it will raise the coin value you play with – 10 more coins. For example, if you are playing with 10 coins per spin (maximum amount), enabling this feature will make it 20 coins. But benefits are worth the risk: you can get multiplier values and gain access to mini games.

When you spin the reels, wheel also spins. There are 72 sections on the wheel, and each section will award with a multiplier value (up to x25) or will start a mini-game. It is worth the raise if you ask us; so we recommend keeping the wheel on at all times. Return to player (RTP) is 96.646% with Big Wheel on and 95.426% with Big Wheel off, so it really raise your chances of winning.

Wild symbol is shown with a picture of the host of the Price Is Right show. It appears only on reels 2.3 and 4. Substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter. Three of them will activate the mini games called “Secret X Bonus Feature” or “Cliff Hanger Bonus Feature”. (Choice is up to yours.) Secret X feature consists of a grid of nine squares. Question mark symbols cover the entire middle reel.

You need to choose one of the remaining six squares to place your “X”. After that, an item will be shown with two different values. You need to guess the right price. If you are successful, you get to put another X on to the grid. If you lose, you will get paid x8 times total bet. If you manage to fill a single column with X symbols, you will get paid x18 times total bet. (X25 if the Big Wheel is active.)

Cliff Hangers Bonus Feature is about free spins. You get eight free spins and after they are completed, a mini game starts. This is about a hiker trying to climb a cliff. He can stop anywhere on the path, and some places on the path are marked with multiplier symbols. If he stops at a place with a multiplier symbol, you win that amount of your total bet. If not, you get an x2 consolation prize.

Scatter symbol is shown with the logo of the show. It appears only on reels 1, 2 and 3. Three of them will activate the showcase feature called “Showcase Bonus Feature”. This is a board filled with items, and you need to place them in order from lowest value to highest value. If you are successful, you get x100 times total bet. If not, consolation prize is x5.


The Price Is Right Slots App

Filled with amazing bonus rounds, based on a successful TV show and offers huge payouts – do not miss this one. Even if you are not a fan of the show, this is a nice and fun slot game filled with amazing features. Highly recommended.