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But Red Rock offers a nice combination of amenities and low stakes play. If you don’t mind being away from the Vegas Strip, then Red Rock is definitely worth visiting for resort-minded low rollers. Red Rock offers a $10 blackjack game with 2 decks, double down on any total, and double down after splitting. These tables feature a 0.46% house edge.

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There are typically more blackjack games in casinos than any other table game. However, blackjack is changing so much that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of the new games. One trend in blackjack that’s continuing from 2017 is electronic installations of blackjack.

There weren’t too many blackjack innovations at the Global Gaming Expo this year. We did notice plenty of gaming manufacturers promoting their stadium gaming installations. Casinos are still adding new large-scale Stadium Blackjack. They’re also adding smaller Electronic Table Games featuring blackjack.

I was walking through Red Rock Casino recently and came across a small dealer-assisted stadium blackjack installation. Las Vegas casinos like The Venetian are adding Stadium Blackjack as a blackjack game for low rollers.

Red Rock has plenty of games for these players already so they’ve opted for a smaller installation. They have back to back small-scale stadium blackjack games just off the main table game area.

The Scientific Games Fusion Hybrid Stadium Blackjack at Red Rock Casino is a bit different than some larger installations and smaller electronic table game versions. Each of the dealer-assisted blackjack games at Red Rock has the same number of players as a traditional blackjack table. The installation won’t cut expenses as much as it will give players another option. The installation is expandable to 250 terminals should they ever need.

Red Rock Blackjack

The lower limits aren’t much lower than traditional blackjack table games in the neighboring pit. Unlike The Venetian blackjack players can typically find a traditional blackjack table game with a dealer for a $10 minimum on most nights.

Red rock poker room

This hybrid game has different gameplay than electronic tables that look similar. In this version of Stadium Blackjack, the dealer will deal all players the same first two starting cards. From this point on players make their own decisions.


Each player has their own betting terminal and decides whether they want to hit, stay, double or split. One of the comforts of these installations is that players don’t have to hear about their gameplay affecting other players.

Red Rock Poker Manager

Like all blackjack games, different casinos can have different blackjack rules. Casinos can pay 3:2 or 6:5 when a player is dealt a natural blackjack. The casino can also set the game so that dealers stay or hit on 17.

Red Rock Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

Casinos like these games because they’re expandable (up to 250 player stations), they increase the speed of play, and because there are three side bets that increase profits because of a higher house edge.

The Fusion Hybrid Stadium Blackjack has three different side bets available. Each option has a different house edge. Some players like the action and potential payout even though they should probably be avoided.

Red Rock Poker Room

  • Kings Bounty Blackjack – Depending on the number of decks in the game the house edge can be as high as 25%.
  • Royal Match 21 – The house edge varies here too but is just under 6% for six or eight deck games.
  • Bet The Set – This is potentially the least punitive side bet with a house edge between 2.5% and 10% depending on the number of decks in play.