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Roulette Odds for Single Zero Roulette Wheels. For wagers on red, black, odd, even 1 to 19, and 19 to 36 the payouts are 1 is to 1, and the probability is 48.65%. For wagers on 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36, the payout is 2 to 1, with a probability of 32.43%. Roulette is a drain on your wallet simply because the game doesn’t pay what the bets are worth. With 38 numbers (1 to 36, plus 0 and 00), the true odds of hitting a single number on a straight-up bet are 37 to 1, but the house pays only 35 to 1 if you win! Ditto the payouts on the combination bets. The payout for a winning even-odds bet, however, is only 1:1 (as if the number of losing and winning numbers coincides) and clearly does not correspond to the actual odds against winning with this type of wager. The same applies to all other bet types in the game but there is nothing much to be done about it – the zero will always be there to.

Overall, the odds are around 48.60% for even money bets if you’re playing the European variant, and 47.37% if the wheel is American. And the odds of winning on inside bets vary from 2.70% to 32.40%. Even/Odd wagers cover the numbers that are either even or odd on the wheel. A Dozen is a bet on the first, second, or third set of 12 numbers featured in roulette games with two to one odds. Roulette Payout Chart. With those bet definitions in mind, use this chart to calculate your odds and payouts in roulette.

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Online Roulette Guide

OK, if you are going to pay attention at any point while browsing through, make sure you are concentrating as you read this page!

We are going to run you through the 5 Number Bet, also known as the Basket Bet, which is a bet you should avoid playing. You can only play this bet on American tables (on a Double Zero Roulette wheel), as it involves making a bet on both the zero pockets, and the number 1, the number 2 & 3, all with one chip (see below on how to place your chip). This is not a bet on roulette number 5, rather a bet on 5 roulette numbers. Confused? Read on.

So, why should you avoid this bet? Well, quite simply, it’s the worst bet in roulette. You can only play it on American Roulette- where all the other bets carry a house edge of 5.3%. The house edge for the five number bet is 7.9%. Avoid it! Just for comparison, if you play even money bets on Paddy Power´s Money Back roulette wheel, or on any French roulette table that plays La Partage, you will enjoy a house edge of 1.35%. So the house edge on the Number 5 bet is almost 6 times as much! Don´t confuse this bet with a Four Number bet (which you can only play in European Roulette) by the way. They are very similar: they are both bets on 1,2,3 and zero(s) at the top of the table, but the odds on the 4 Number Bet are fine.

If you are just making a bet on 5 numbers with straight up bets (5 chips on 5 numbers), then that is fine. You´ll receive the standard odds.

We’d recommend you play European Roulette rather than American (generally you’ll have the choice of both- for example most Playtech casinos offer Premium American roulette and Premium European- the house edge on the latter is lower at 2.6%).

And if you can find a French Roulette that plays “La Partage” where you get half of your bet back if the ball lands in the zero pocket when you make an even money bet, then you can get the house advantage down even further to 1.3% (only on the even money bets of course).

Win Probability

If you make a 5 Number Bet in roulette, the payout is only 6:1 and the probability of it coming in is 5:38, or 1:7.6 (13.2%)

House Edge

The House Edge on this bet is an eye watering 7.9%. You can only play this on American Roulette.

Roulette Even Odds PayoutRoulette Even Odds Payout

Roulette Strategies that Use the Five Number Bet

There is only one decent strategy that we can think of for this bet, and it works every time. Don’t play it!

The Best Casino and Variant for The Five Number Bet?

Like we said (looks like you weren’t paying attention!), there is no such thing as a good casino or good variant for the 5 number bet, as it has the worst odds on the roulette table. But maybe you want to play it anyway. Who are we to complain? Hello! Wake up and Smell the Coffee! It’s a free world, I suppose. But call the men in white coats first! In any case you’ll need an Online American Roulette variant like the ones in the 32Red roulette range.

Remember to stay realistic about the long odds on this popular game of chance. Approach roulette with the sober realization that, with a house advantage of 5.26 percent on the American wheel, roulette is among the worst bets in a casino. Despite the odds, you can still use some simple strategies to stretch your roulette bankroll and enjoy the thrill of the spin. This article contains a few tips that can help you improve your chances of winning.

Roulette is a drain on your wallet simply because the game doesn’t pay what the bets are worth. With 38 numbers (1 to 36, plus 0 and 00), the true odds of hitting a single number on a straight-up bet are 37 to 1, but the house pays only 35 to 1 if you win! Ditto the payouts on the combination bets. This discrepancy is where the house gets its huge edge in roulette.

Starting with the basics

Strategy is critical if you want to increase your odds of winning. The first time you play roulette, the players sprinkling the layout with chips may look as if they’re heaping pepperoni slices on a pizza. You can make many different bets as long as you stay within the table’s maximum limits. Consequently, few players make just one bet at a time.

Of course, the more bets you make, the more complicated and challenging it is to follow all the action. Here are two possible plans of attack to simplify matters:

  • Stick to the table minimum and play only the outside bets. For example, bet on either red or black for each spin. This type of outside bet pays 1 to 1 and covers 18 of the 38 possible combinations.
  • Place two bets of equal amounts on two outside bets: one bet on an even-money play and the other on a column or dozen that pays 2 to 1. For example, place one bet on black and one bet on Column Three, which has eight red numbers. That way, you have 26 numbers to hit, 4 of which you cover twice. You can also make a bet on red and pair it with a bet on Column Two, which has eight black numbers. Again, you cover 26 numbers, and 4 of them have two ways to win. Pairing a bet on either red or black with Column One (or on one of the three dozens) covers 24 numbers, and 6 numbers have two ways of winning. Spreading bets like this won’t make you rich, but it does keep things interesting at the table.

Playing a European wheel

If you happen to find a single-zero European wheel, you greatly improve your odds: The house edge is half that of roulette with the American wheel — only 2.63 percent. You may see a European wheel at one of the posh Vegas casinos, such as Bellagio, Mirage, or Caesars Palace. If you can’t find one on the floor, it’s probably tucked away in the high-limit area along with the baccarat tables, so you may need to ask. You can also find the single-zero wheel at some other upscale casinos around the country.

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Because casinos set aside the European wheel for high rollers, you’re likely to find a higher table minimum, say $25. But because the house edge is half that of a double-zero wheel, the European wheel is the better roulette game to play for bigger bettors.

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Your chances of winning get even better if the casino offers an advantageous rule called en prison. Sometimes available on the European wheel, the en prison rule lowers the house edge even further to a reasonable 1.35 percent. The rule applies to even-money bets. For example, say you have a $10 bet riding on black. If the ball lands on zero, your even-money bet doesn’t win or lose but remains locked up for one more spin. If the ball lands on black on the next spin, the house returns your original bet of $10, but you don’t win anything. If the ball lands on red, you lose. And if the ball repeats the zero number again, your bet stays imprisoned for another round.