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1/32 NSR Corvette C6R ADAC GT Master & GT40 MKII

It is no secret about the following that NSR has achieved in our hobby. For many hardcore racers they have become THE brand for serious competition. It is also no secret that NSR builds these rockets for the racer first, fine scale enthusiasts second.

So what am I doing looking at NSR again then? In my first review I stated I wouldn't pursue another model. However, it has been said that I need to take my 'blinders' off and give this brand a fair shake and that they deserve more attention. My critics are correct. One of the main reasons is thatthey are still making models. There are more than a handful of brands that have come and gone in our hobby, especially in the last few years. We have so much to choose from that you better bring something special to the table in order to survive. Well, not only are they surviving but they are leading the way for many of you. They have also improved on scale appearance. That says a lot for company who primarily want to satisfy racers first. Then there is model selection. NSR has been cranking out quite a few models over the years. More than enough to take over many club formats.

So here I am taking a closer look after years of ignoring them. I will not even begin to insult the advanced racer here. In no way do I know all the speed secrets veteran enthusiasts know about. I will just give my quick thoughts and hopefully these veteran racers will join and offer their advice.


My choices for this article is a contrast of old and new. First we have the Corvette C6R that raced in 2011, right next to the famous Ford GT40 MKII that did battle in 1966.

Being critical of scale issues with these models is like complaining about F1 cars being fast. This is the way they are designed and built. The copper color on the Ford incorrect? Proportions of the Vette not right? If you are a scale enthusiast and these things matter to you, then you should have no issues with doing your own research and coming to your own conclusions. I did. If they are not done well enough then there are other brands like Fly, Carrera, Scalextric, SCX and who make versions of these models.

Personally I think these are pretty good looking. Not perfect, but what model is? The fit and finish on these models are better than earlier versions so improvements have been made. To really be fair, I have seen many slot cars in my day that are no better in the scale accuracy departments than these. And not just older models either. I recently reviewed a brand new model from another brand who have been around for decades that looks much worse in scale than either of these offerings.

Slot.It 'Classic' Cars: Ferrari 312PB, Alfa Romeo 33, Ford GT40/MkII and Chaparral 2E. Show: PCAR01a Ferrari 312PB #3, Redman / Merzario. Slot cars 1/32 scale Ready To Race. High performance, quality, accuracy. BMW – Porsche – Mercedes – Corvette Ford – Abarth – Audi – and much more. Products under official license. 100% Made in Italy – World Champion - Born to win.

One thing is certain: NSR uses clear coat. I found a few dirt specs here and there but they are very small. Nothing that bothers me really. I am just happy to see they take the time to protect the overall finish. My photos are not the best of course, but hopefully they tell you all you need to know.

Another reason these models were chosen is that they not only contrast in a historical sense, but in design as well.

Our C6R sports an anglewinder configuration while the GT40 is a sidewinder. Both have a button magnet for those that use them. I also noticed the use of .050 sized grub screws all around. Interesting choice. I have plenty of those wrenches lying about.

The amount of adjustments and changes you can make to these model's chassis is more than I can print here. Here is alink to the NSR website showing you all the different chassis parts and options for Corvette. Here is the same data on the GT40. Pretty impressive amount of options.

Out of the box the Vette has the EVO3 King 21 motor rated at 21,400 RPM @ 12 volts. It has a 13 tooth pinion that turns the 31 tooth spur gear.

The triangular motor pod has holes in the end for you to add a screw to keep the motor from rocking in the cradle if you desire. The wires are neatly routed through groves but they are not that tight a fit and pop put easily. At least they are there and you can always add some adhesive over the tops.


The front axle is unique here as it has the ability to be adjusted. Inside the box there are 4 grub screws that you mount top and bottom. There is also a screw for the front drop arm guide to allow you to limit the movement. I did find that the guide does not line up quite right for the screw to be used effetely. The screw threads rub the frame and causes it to bind a little. A quick trim with a hobby knife cleaned that up however.

The GT40 has the SHARK 20 motor rated at 20,000 RPM @ 12 volts. It has an 11 tooth pinion turning the 32 tooth spur gear. This motor pod cradle is interesting as it is actually slightly angled. This reduces any chance of the motor shaft on the can end from rubbing the tire, at least from what I can see.

There is no advanced drop arm guide or axle adjustments, but there is free-play in the guide allowing you to shim it to set the height you desire.

Permanent Track
MidMo International Speedway
4 x 16 - 3 Lane MDF Routed Wood Road Course - Flat Latex Surface
Copper Tape Conductivity - Aftermarket Power @ 12 Volts PARMA 25 OHM Control

I know that these models are primarily built for the European Championship that is raced on plastic. I don't care. I'm a wood track owner with copper tape. No magnetic effect or offset/lowered motors are going to help anything here. On our track you find out very fast just how well a model is put together.

I have heard that these models are worth the price as they are 'ready to race'. I disagree completely. I have never seen an out of the box slot car 100% ready to race. In fact, I do not think they fall into the 'ready to run' category either. Unlike brands like Carrera, Scalextric, etc, these models are not for beginners or your children. They are not made to be taken from the box and raced hard, at least not in my opinion.

I see these models like I see any H&R/Pro-Track/Parma commercial track chassis. They are a rolling chassis that have all you need to get started, but they still need a good owner to tune them for optimal performance. To race and claim the checkered flag? That means tuning no matter what model you choose.

You need to go through this chassis. Check that all the wheels and gear grub screws are tight and that the gears are set where they need to be. Then, add your front axle grub screws and possibly the drop arm screw for the Corvette. This means setting up your tri-pod for the track surface you are racing on. You also need to make sure it is properly lubricated. Then time for tire work or even a compound change.

And that is what I did before testing.

Slot It Ford Gt40

The GT40 ran pretty well. Smooth gear mesh and only a slight amount of chatter in the corners. Good. A little loosening of the pod screws will cure that. I have to come clean and admit this Shark 20 motor is not a bad little motor in this GT40. My smaller track is a waste for higher torque/RPM outfits, in fact they don't work well at all. This motor however works great. I like the braking and acceleration and it has a decent level of low end smoothness.

The Corvette not so good. It has a hop to it that seems to be mostly a tire issue. I do not have the right tire to replace them but I did fit a SCC tire on it that made a world of difference. Wrong tires, but even without making full contact they worked better.

Slot It Gt40 Online

Lap Times for the GT40 were VERY good.

Best Lap: 3.744

Slot It Gt40


Comparison with

Best Lap by 3.731

Seeing that there is a motor difference, that is about as close as it gets. I cannot really say one is better than the other performance wise. BOTH are smooth, quiet, and fun to drive.

Lap Times for the Corvette


Best Lap: 3.656

Of course this car is faster, but not by much. Again our smaller track does not allow for this car to show it's power. I am new to these models just like some of you. I will take the advice from veteran racers and apply it. I bet after more time spent adjusting it that I'll have one fast and smooth bowtie.

Final Thoughts

For my simple home racing, these models have more than I need. But the fact is that many club/groups are racing them and in that environment they really shine. The price of these models shy some away, but I am not sure that matters much to the hardcore racer. They want what they want and price rarely gets in the way. I look at the ridiculous prices I have paid for certain other brands, so how can I really say anything? At least with these models you are getting great quality in the running gear department along with some of the most advanced chassis designs.

Slot It Ford Gt40 Gulf

There isn't much to complain about with NSR. They admit WHO they are making slot cars for and for these speed crazed junkies seeking victory lane, they deliver.

- Harry

As always feel free to contact me about this article or just the hobby in general at[email protected].

Better yet, drop into our Message Forum and share your thoughts with other enthusiasts!

Slot It Ford Gt40 Review

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