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Slot Nigeria will ensure that your phone is delivered to your doorstep with three (3) to seven (7) working days. Now that you have seen how comfortable it’s to shop from SLOT Nigeria. Let look at the phone prices. Nevertheless, any new phone prices are updated on the Slot Nigeria online store within the first week of launching or pre-launch. Jan 01, 2020 These best cheapest latest android phones, are made by brands such as Infinix, Samsung, Tecno, Leagoo, Fero and Nokia among others. You can also take a look at Best Cheap phones in Nigeria in addition to Motorola Phone Price List in Nigeria. The Following are the Latest Android Phones in Nigeria and their Prices (2020).

So you get to plan ahead and have in mind how much your dream phone retails for in Slot. These are the current prices of phones in Slot Nigeria, all the phones available on Slot are listed below. All Current Prices of Phones In SLOT Nigeria Current Prices Of Apple iPhones In Slot Nigeria ・Apple iPhone 6 32GB: N130,000 ・Apple iPhone 7 128GB. SLOT NIGERIA PRICE OF INFINIX PHONES When you need high-end smartphones with the most affordable price, then you will need infinix products. Below is a list of Infinix phones and their prices at slot limited. Infinix Hot 2 X510 (2GB RAM) price: Around N25,500 – N27,350.

Slot Nigeria’s Phone And Laptop Price Tag In 2020

Welcome to 2020, a year in which technology is expected to develop at faster pace than what we experienced last year.

Tech companies are tippedto produce many eye-catching and mouth-watering gadgets throughout the year.

The World is anticipating the production of more sophisticated phones and laptops due to the intense competition among tech companies.

Slot Phone Prices In Nigeria

As we all await the latest phones that will be unveiled in the course of the year, it is important you know the current prices of some phones making headlines in Nigeria, and where you can get them.


You have heard of Jumia, Amazon, Konga and other online stores where you can get diverse phone model and accessories, but have you heard of SLOT Nigeria?

SLOT Nigeria :

SLOT Nigeria is an e-commerce retail store that deals with the selling and delivery of phones, computers, accessories and other electronic gadgets to their customers at cheap price across the country.

Establieshed in 1998, SLOT offers one of the most affordable e-commerce services in Nigeria as they doesn’t add bank-breaking delivery charges on their goods. They are also known for their after-sale support just to ensure customer’s comfort.

Their affordable prices is one of the reasons why many phone lovers preferred dealing with the online store and you too should give it a try today. With SLOT Nigeria, you can be confident in getting your purchased package in less than a day as they possess a very swift and active delivery strategy.

Do you have special preference for Techno smartphone(s), or your dream is to possess a quality Gionee product? Whichever group you belong to, SLOT Nigeria — also known as SLOT SYSTEM LIMITED — are the best option for you.

This is because they have varieties of mobile phones — from Techno to Gionee, Samsung, Infinix, Huawei, Nokia and others.

They have open (physical) stores in some cities across Nigeria — including Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Owerri, Port Harcourt — and they are certainly going to expand to every state of federation in no time.

Talking of Slot Nigeria’s affordability, below is a comprehensive price list of phones you can get from the ever-growing online store

1. Prices of Samsung Phones

Talk of experience and class, Samsung is a brand that has all you can ask for. The highly-rated tech giant has been in existence for a very long, it knows and has all it takes to produce long-lasting phones.

Samsung products are one of the devices many Nigerians love to get, which is why SLOT Nigeria have diverse Samsung smartphone(s) at cheap prices.


Some of the Samsung phones readily available at SLOT include Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung A50 2019, Samsung A7 2017, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5. See SLOT Nigeria’s exclusive price list of Samsung phones below:

  • Samsung Galaxy A10s N44,500 – N47,500
  • Samsung A50 2019 N89,000 – N92,000
  • Samsung A7 2017 N75,000 – N78,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A70 2019 N117,000 – N120,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A2 Core N24,500 – N27,500
  • Samsung Galaxy A20s 2019 N56,500 – N59,500
  • Samsung Galaxy A30s 2019 N81,500 – N83,500
  • Samsung Galaxy A80 2019 N197,000 – N200,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 N330,000 – N340,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ N384,000 – N390,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 N93,000 – N96,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 N55,000 – N58,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e N170,000 – N175,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB N315,000 – N320,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 N250,000 – N255,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 512GB N355,000 – N360,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB N285,000 – N290,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e N225,000 – N230,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 N215,000 – N220,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB N225,000 – N230,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 N44,000 – N45,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E N59,000 – N61,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 N189,000 – N195,000

2. Huawei Phones Price List

Huawei is another brand gaining massive ground in the West African country, thanks to the quality and beautiful design of its products.

Huawei phones have one of the fast-growing customer base in the country, hence SLOT believe there is a need to make the China-made phones very affordable and available to every Nigerian who wants to join the fanbase.

Few of diverse Huawei phone models present at SLOT Nigeria include Huawei Media Pad T3 10.0, Huawei P30, Huawei P30 Lite, Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei Y3 2018 and Huawei Y5 2019

  • Huawei Media Pad T3 10.0 N63,900
  • Huawei P30 N191,000
  • Huawei P30 Lite N99,000
  • Huawei P30 Pro N309,000
  • Huawei Y3 2018 N34,000
  • Huawei Y5 2019 N34,900
  • Huawei Y5 Lite N26,900
  • Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 N37,500
  • Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 N45,500
  • Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 N40,900
  • Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 32GB, 3GB N51,900
  • Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 64GB, 3GB N55,900
  • Huawei Y9 2019 N67,500

3. Nokia Price List

Nokia needs no introduction because it is one of the first generation of phone-making brands in Nigeria. You must have heard of Nokia 3310 and the band’s ‘torchlight’ phones, but that was in the past, thanks to the advancement in technology.

You don’t need to be told that Nokia phones are of high quality and beautiful designs.

SLOT Nigeria has made it easy for everyone who wants to get a Nokia phone because they have wide range of Nokia phones to sell at giveaway prices. Nokia 105 Dual 4th Edition, Nokia 6.2, Nokia 6.1, Plus Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 3.1 Plus, Nokia 2.1, and Nokia 210 are some of the brand’s products available at SLOT Nigeria, and below is their price list:

  • Nokia 2.1 N24,800 – N27,000
  • Nokia 2.2 N26,500 – N29,000
  • Nokia 210 N11,000 – N12,000
  • Nokia 3 N32,000 – N33,000
  • Nokia 3.1 N36,500 – N39,000
  • Nokia 3.1 Plus N41,000 – N45,000
  • Nokia 3.2 N39,700 – N42,000
  • Nokia 5.1 Plus N66,000 – N69,000
  • Nokia 6 N29,000 – N32,000
  • Nokia 6.1 N55,000 – N60,000
  • Nokia 6.1 Plus N70,000 – N75,000
  • Nokia 6.2 N72,000 – N75,000
  • Nokia 7 Plus N90,000 – N95,000
  • Nokia 7.1 N87,000 – N91,000
  • Nokia 7.2 N100,000 – N110,000
  • Nokia 8.1 N131,000 – N135,000
  • Nokia 9 N215,000 – N220,000
  • Nokia 105 Dual 4th Edition N5,500 – N6,000
  • Nokia 1 Plus N25,000 – N27,000
  • Nokia 110 N7,200 – N8,000

Slot Phone Prices In Nigeria Naira

4. Price List of Tecno Phones

Just like the brands listed above, Tecno is another tech giant with laudable experience.

Slot Phone Prices In Nigeria

Techno found its way into the shores of Nigeria in early 2000 and their fan base have grown in width and bounds throughout the country since then.

Known for the Spark and Camon Series, Tecno is certainly one of the leading phone-making brands in the country, which is why SLOT can’t afford not to have their products readily at store for sale.

Tecno Y2 2018, Tecno Pouvoir, Tecno Phantom 9, Tecno Camon 11 and Tecno DroiPad are some of their products. See the full list below:

  • Tecno Camon 12 Air N42,000 – N45,000
  • Tecno Camon 11 32GB N44,500 – N47,500
  • Tecno Camon 11 64GB N45,500 – N48,500
  • Tecno Camon 11 Pro N67,000 – N70,000
  • Tecno Camon 12 Pro N61,500 – N64,500
  • Tecno DroiPad 10D N60,500 – N63,500
  • Tecno DroiPad 7D N30,500 – N33,500
  • Tecno F1 N16,500 – N18,000
  • Tecno Phantom 9 N77,000 – N80,000
  • Tecno Pouvoir 2 Air N34,500 – N37,500
  • Tecno Pouvoir 2 Pro N46,000 – N49,000
  • Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air N27,800 – N30,800
  • Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus N46,000 – N49,000
  • Tecno Spark 3 N27,700 – N30,000
  • Tecno Spark 3 Pro N38,500 – N41,000
  • Tecno Spark 4 N34,500 – N37,500
  • Tecno Spark Youth N24,500 – N26,500
  • Tecno Y2 2018 N13,400 – N15,000

5. Price List Of Apple Phones

Apple is also a valuable brand that has been in Nigeria for years, and its products are nothing short of brilliance. iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 11 are up for sale. Below is SLOT Nigeria’s price tag on Apple phones:

  • iPhone 11 N330,000 – N345,000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Dual SIM N480,000 – N645,000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Dual SIM N530,000 – N645,000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Single SIM N500,000 – N650,000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Single SIM N455,000 – N525,000
  • iPhone 11 Single SIM N320,000 – N340,000
  • iPhone 6s Plus N150,000 – N190,000
  • iPhone 7 N170,000 – N260,000
  • iPhone 7 Plus N195,000 – N360,000
  • iPhone 8 N205,000 – N255,000
  • iPhone 8 Plus N240,000 – N305,000
  • iPhone X N310,000 – N355,000
  • iPhone XR N275,000 – N350,000
  • iPhone XR Dual N325,000 – N365,000
  • iPhone XS N360,000 – N380,000
  • iPhone XS 256GB Non-activated N410,000 – N415,000
  • iPhone XS 64GB Non-activated N370,000 – N375,000
  • iPhone XS Max Dual N465,000 – N540,000

6. Price List of Infinix Phones

Slot Phone Prices In Nigeria Stock Exchange

Infinix is a highly-rated brand among phone users in Nigeria, this is as a result of its great effective and quality products. In terms of modern-day design, Infinix phones have it in full.

Slot Phone Prices In Nigeria Today

Though, Infinix phones are known to be slightly expensive, they still have laudable fanbase in the country. Infinix Zero, Infinix Smart 3, Infinix S3X, Infinix Note 5, Infinix Hot 8 are sample of Infinix phones available at SLOT online store. See price list below:

  • Infinix Hot 7 16GB, 1GB N28,500
  • Infinix Hot 7 32GB, 2GB N32,500
  • Infinix Hot 7 Pro 32GB, 2GB N41,500
  • Infinix Hot 7 Pro 32GB, 3GB N45,500
  • Infinix Hot 8 32GB, 2GB N36,500
  • Infinix Hot 8 32GB, 3GB N39,300
  • Infinix Hot 8 Lite N32,500
  • Infinix Note 5 32GB, 3GB N49,000
  • Infinix Note 5 64GB, 4GB N69,000
  • Inifnix Note 6 N65,000
  • Infinix S3X N49,000
  • Infinix S4 X626 32GB, 3GB N46,300
  • Infinix S4 X626 32GB, 6GB N56,000
  • Infinix Smart 2HD 16GB, 1GB N30,000
  • Infinix Smart 3 N25,500
  • Infinix Smart 3 Plus 32GB, 2GB N33,500
  • Infinix Smart 3 Plus 32GB, 3GB N38,800
  • Infinix Zero 6 N102,500

7. Price List Of Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi phones are not as popular as other brands in Nigeria, but that doesn’t take anything away from its value and experience. Xiaomi phones features great and beautiful outlook; fast browsing speed and affordable price tags. Xiaomi Mi, Xiaomi Redmi Note, Xiaomi Redmi GO, Xiaomi A3 are examples of the brand’s phones you can get at SLOT price at affordable prices.

  • Xiaomi A3 128GB, 4GB N79,900
  • Xiaomi A3 64GB, 4GB N71,900
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T 128GB, 6GB N119,500
  • Xiaomi Note 7 128GB, 4GB N75,500
  • Xiaomi Note 7 64GB, 4GB N66,900
  • Xiaomi Redmi 7 32GB, 3GB N47,500
  • Xiaomi Redmi 7 64GB, 3GB N53,500
  • Xiaomi Redmi 7A 16GB, 2GB N33,500
  • Xiaomi Redmi 8 32GB, 3GB N46,500
  • Xiaomi Redmi 8 64GB, 4GB N49,500
  • Xiaomi Redmi 8A N37,500
  • Xiaomi Redmi GO 16GB, 1GB N25,200
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 32GB, 3GB N58,000
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 128GB, 4GB N70,000
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 64GB, 4GB N63,000
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 128GB, 6GB N90,000

See full price list below: SLOT Nigeria’s Price Tag on Some Laptops If you’re interested in buying laptop from the store, here is a quick price list of some highly-rated laptops in the world:


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