Slots Big Wins 2019

Thanks for Watching HUGE WINS! I PLAY EVERY QUICK HIT SLOT MACHINE IN THE CASINO! Winning W/ SDGuy1234! I'm VegasLowRoller and these are just a few of my slot machine SUPER MEGA HUGE BIG WIN videos. The videos featured here will usually be in the range of 1000x.

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Flowplay, 3:00 pm November 11th

With 2018 being now almost finished, it’s safe to say that Slot makers delivered a few new slots experiences that deserve recognition! If you are a casino guru, or a slots master, check out the best Slots to play in 2019.


The slots in this list are not just for your desktop computer, all of the ones included can be played on mobile as well. After all, it’s almost 2019 – so you can actually use that thousand dollar smartphone in your pocket!

Ok, enough chit-chat – time to dive into the slots and to get those reels spinning! Below is a list of all the best slots games for 2019.

#1 Slot of 2019 — Scream Queens

Scream Queens is the most interesting SPOOKY slots game of 2019! The art style is sublime and the scares come fast and furious. Play Scream Queens today and check out the fantastic visuals, plentiful payouts and AMAZING animations!

#2 Slot of 2019 — Muses of Terra

Big Wins On Slots 2019

Muses of Terra is arguably the most satisfying, artistic slots game to play 2019! The art style is from the heavens and the BIG WINS are always just a few spins away. Play Muses of Terra today and check out the fantastic visuals, plentiful payouts and AMAZING animations!

#3 Slot of 2019 — Turbo Shark Neon Overdrive Slots

Are you ready to put your slots on OVERDRIVE?! Play the extreme laser light-show that is Turbo Shark Neon Overdrive Slots! Turbo Shark Slots brings the sights and sounds of the dance club straight to your screen so get ready to boogie! As long as you can hang with the night owls, the BIG WINS are just a few spins away. Play Turbo Shark Neon Overdrive today and collect those glow-sticks!

#4 Slot of 2019 — Texas Roses Slots


Are you ready to play the fastest slot in the West?! Texas Roses Slots brings the frontier spirit in spades so saddle up partner! As long as you are careful of those cattle rustlers, the BIG WINS are just a few spins away. Play Texas Roses Slots today and collect those bounties!

It’s only January, but we’ve already seen quite a bit of excitement in the slots world. While it’s been quite some time since the SlotsFighter tournament has been around, the solo streams are rolling hot. Both Mario and Annie have scooped up some exciting wins and started the year with a bang. Let’s reflect on some of the wins put out by our hosts and check out the big casino wins in 2019.

The Haunted Hospital of Wins

Okay, this might not be the video that highlights the biggest win we’ve ever seen. But you have to admit, Wazdan makes some very interesting games. Sometimes of dubious quality, sometimes they’re great. Mario, our host extraordinaire, managed to encounter one of the weirdest games the slot company has put out. The game goes by the name of Haunted Hospital. While we haven’t reviewed it or taken an in-depth look at it, it’s worth taking a peek at the video. Just watch his reactions as he witnesses the pleasantries the game has to offer.

A Primal Victory

It’s not only Mario that gets the spotlight in this showcase. We’ve seen a lot of MegaWays slots put out this year, but one of the more volatile ones has been Primal Megaways, a slot put out by Blueprint Gaming. While most of their games have been splendid in their own right, Primal is a tad different. It’s MEGA volatile. We’ve easily seen 10 000x wins on it. The only issue with the slot? It can take quite some time to actually hit something on it! The high volatility combined with the rather hard chance to land a regular bonus can make for one lethal combination. While Annie did not get a 10 000x, she still managed to scoop up a pretty sweet victory. Check it out here to see at least a part of the potential the slot brings to the table.

Vikings Get To Work

BigCasino slots big wins 2019

Online Slots Big Win 2019

What would a big wins in 2019 compilation be without featuring one of the last Blueprint releases of 2018. Who even knew it doesn’t slip in this calendar year? The slot features plenty of cool innovations, including the ability to purchase several different bonus options. Quite similar to another recent release, Machina Megaways, which we did do a review of. What differentiates the release from others is the fact that the amount of big wins seems to be rather large. The basegame might not be the easiest to get a decent hit on, but the bonus brings plenty of potential. Similar to other Megaways releases, there’s a stacking multiplier which you can gamble straight away. Check out how Mario does it in this highlight from the SlotsFighter stream right here.

Big Wins in 2019 Conclusion

Slot Big Wins 2019

It’s only the start of the calendar year, so we can’t expect an insane amount of big wins just yet. But so far, so good. With new high potential slots coming out such as Wild Falls, it will be interesting to see what kind of wins are potentially awaiting us. Either way, keep your eyes peeled, as the SlotsFighter crew is always ready to play and bring out the best in SlotsFighter. Here’s to more big wins! Remember to check out our YouTube channel and if you want to see a larger compilation, we’ve prepared one for you as well. This one features all the best that this week had to offer. Let’s rock it in 2019!