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You can win real money on slots online as long as you know what you are doing. Winning is the best part when you play online casino games for real money. It can totally transform your life, especially with a progressive jackpot. Every year, online casinos change the lives of many people even those who thought that it takes decades to win. Online slots for real money are usually compatible with multiple devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Online casino operators understand the convenience of mobile gaming, so they designed their websites to be mobile-friendly, while some of them also offer free downloadable apps for iOS and Android.

Slot machines provide a rush like few other things in life. Nothing matches the exhilaration you feel after you pull the lever to press your luck and come up a huge winner. If you don’t win, you can keep playing until you do. While we all prefer to play slot machines in person, COVID-19 is preventing us from doing so. Thankfully, we have online slots to give us the same rush from the safety of our home.

Online casinos have become even more common since the pandemic, with people scratching their gambling itch through online slots to play for real money. Sites like Gunsbet Online Casino offer a variety of colorful games for you to play from your kitchen counter or living room couch.

If you want to know the best online slots to try out, you’ve come for the right place. The games listed below are the cream of the crop when it comes to online gambling, and they will be able to keep you sharp so that once you do return to the slot machines, you won’t have missed a step.

Cash Bandit 2

With a Return-to-Player (RTP) average of 95.3%, Cash Bandit 2 offers tons of bonus opportunities for players to score big paydays. Many popular online casinos even offer bonuses for players to deposit less of their own real money into the slots. Plus, the entry limit is only twenty-five cents, making it one of the cheaper slots available online. At this rate, you could play all day and barely lose any cash. If you’re lucky, of course.

Reels of Wealth

It may sound like a Wheel of Fortune rip-off, but Reels of Wealth is one of the most popular casino games on the internet. It only takes three of the five available slots to achieve “Megastar Jackpot” mode, offering free spins at a high value. The stakes may be high intensity, but fortunately for small spenders, the cash demand is low.

You get to bet a minimum of a penny per a line, which is a breeze for anybody who prefers to throw down large sums of cash. Reels of Wealth is also ideal for those who prefer to stick to the penny slots while gambling in real casinos. Not everyone wants to gamble big like a character from Rain Man or Rounders.

Caesar’s Empire

Many online slots are based around Roman history, so it’s fitting that Caesar’s Empire is a premiere slot for those looking to make good money. The slot has a Return to Player (RTP) ratio of 97%, which means you are almost guaranteed to make a decent chunk of change while playing.


Caesar’s Empire also has an exceptional jackpot for those who want to go big and stay home. You can earn a jackpot of up to $12,ooo if you play your slots right, which would be a stellar payday at a regular casino. If you want to be looked at as online slot royalty, then Caesar’s Empire is the way to go.

Top Online Slots Real Money

Monopoly: Money in Hand

Monopoly has always been a popular slot game theme, and much of it has to do with the boardgame. People can win real money, but there aren’t tons of bonus opportunities or big payouts. This online slot is more for the Monopoly fans who like the aesthetic of the board game and who like to watch the rollers spin to win.

If you’re trying to sharpen your skills, however, you may want to pass go, collect your cash, and move on to the next slot.

Slots Real Money Online Slots House Of Representatives


Slots for real cashSlots for real money

Neon colors greet you when you start to spin to win playing Starburst. This online slot game allows for high rollers to bet for extra bonuses, and actually has a strong RTP of 96%. Starburst may not strike you as the kind of gambling theme that gives off winner vibes, but it stands out due to its autoplay option.


Unlike other online slots, Starburst allows you to sit back, taste the rainbow, and watch as you collect your (hopefully) massive earnings. This is highly recommended for players who enjoy the mechanics of online slots and want to go the blind luck route.

Moon Shadow

Some gamblers may be starting out, and unsure how to get their feet wet in the online slot world. Moon Shadow is a nice shallow option to get started. The online slot has over 2o playlines and is widely considered to be one of the easiest ones to play when it comes to real money.

Slots Real Money Online Slots House Of Fortune

Moon Shadow also has an RTP of 98% which is the highest option on the market. Even if you consider yourself to be a gambling novice, the changes are good that you will be able to break even with Moon Shadow. Building up confidence is crucial when money is being put on the line.