Spade Black Jack Kajak

Spade Kayaks, Matrei In Osttirol, Tirol, Austria. We are a paddler owned company from Germany and Austria. We produce blowmolded and rotomolded kayaks. Spade Kayaks Black Jack. DYNAMIC REACTIVITY The Black Jack is a modern white water kayak that perfectly bridges the gap between a river runner and a creek boat.

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Gear Review

« It was a big day yesterday: after 1,5 years of work we have assembled the first production boat, the « Ace of Spades 0001 », of our new kayak company Spade Kayaks – and it looks f****** awesome! It is time to say « thank you » to Hans Mayer, Jan Haluszka, Jens Klatt & Matze Brustmann for a great team effort! » Said Oli Grau, Freestyle World Champion and one of the founder of Spade Kayaks.

BlackBlackSpade Black Jack Kajak

The Whole Spade Kayaks Crew – a new Kayaking company from Germany using the Blow Molding manufacturing process – created by the German Whitewater legends Hans Mayer, Oli Grau, Matze Brutzman, Jens Klatt, andJan Haluszka, were particularly proud and happy to present this week the first ever Ace of Spades, out of the mold and fully mounted with their new revolutionary outfitting system – the Full House Cockpit. Check out the first pictures they sent our way! Well done guys and good luck!

Spade kajak blackjack

Matze, Jan and Oli Celebrating! © kayaks

Spade Black Jack Kajak

Ace Of Spades – ©

Spade Kajaks Black Jack 2.0

Ace Of Spades – ©

Spade Kajak Blackjack

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