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Sphinx 3D is truly a 3D Slot. There are tons of them out there claiming to be 3D, but this one will actually blow your mind.
3D Features - The visual is incredible with a 3D display that tracks your eye movement to bring you completely crisp (without 3D glasses) 3D imagery. Outside of that, the seat actually moves to complete the effect! I sat on this slot machine for several hours marvelling at the game play. After all said and done, I walked away with a small amount of winnings and have a great time doing it.
Game Play - The game play overall was pretty spectacular. As mentioned, the 3D effects were amazing. The chair movement also added a cool dimension to the game any time you hit the right symbols or a bonus, the chair vibrated... when going through the bonus screens (The screen goes over the ancient greek city), the movement makes you feel like you are really there.
Bonus Rounds - My personal favorite was the Scarab bonus (but only because I won a lot during that round). Now, it is important to note that the more you bet, the more bonus rounds you have available.

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  1. Bet 40 Coins - 1 Bonus Round option
  2. Bet 80 Coins - 2 Bonus Round option
  3. Bet 120 Coins - 3 Bonus Round option
  4. Bet 160 Coins - 4 Bonus Round option
  5. Bet 200 Coins - 5 Bonus Round option

Sphinx Slot Machine For Sale

(At least that is how I remember it!)
From GTech's Brochure on this slotSphinx Slot Machine For Sale - Sphinx 3D™ is the first title in our new True3D™ product line, utilizing patented, award-winning 3D display technology exclusively designed for GTECH for the gaming industry.
MachineThis True 3D™ experience is certain to impress with its unique award-winning and patented autostereoscopic technology, using integrated eye-tracking to make images jump off the screen or stretch into infinity in high resolution.
The integrated eye-tracking system detects the player’s position and continuously adjusts the image according to their position. The image is processed and displayed so that the ideal 3D picture self-matches the player’s precise line of sight, allowing freedom of movement in all directions – all without the need for special glasses.
Sphinx 3D, a five-reel, 30 line game features an action-packed base game and a total of seven bonuses: two in the base game, and five that are part of the Sphinx Bonus selection.
Three Sphinx symbols in the base game trigger the Sphinx Bonus selection: the higher the bet, the bigger the selection of bonuses to choose from in this unique take on buy-a-feature.
All bonuses leverage the 3D technology to enhance the gaming experience, and game play is radically transformed by using an integrated player eye-tracking system that allows players to move their head to change viewing angles and explore different bonus environments.
Three Sphinx symbols on reels two, three, and four trigger the Sphinx Bonus. Players travel up to the Sphinx pyramid in this Bonus Selection Segment in an immersive real-time rendered 3D scene.Slot

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