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The state of Wyoming has always been against the legalization of sports betting and online gambling. Residents have a variety of options to play in person, but those wishing to play online have been limited to other options, such as offshore sports betting sites.

Legalized sports betting has yet to make it to the Equality State.

Sports gambling legalization

The Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was overturned on May 14, 2018, allowing each state to propose and create their own laws and regulations for sports betting.

Sports betting is one thing that has not even been discussed. If basic gambling machines are not regulated, and there is no proper overseeing agency, and no law addressing this. Then it may be a while before we start seeing any efforts on sports betting in Wyoming. Gambling Age in Wyoming At present, sports betting in the state of Wyoming is illegal and the law specifies no official minimum age for this form of gambling. The minimum age to participate in pari-mutuel betting and the lottery is 18, whereas casinos require a minimum age of 21. Wyoming May Expand Gambling Enforcement, Still No Sports Betting By Rick Rockwell in Gambling Laws on November 26, 2019 Almost all gambling is illegal in Wyoming, but it’s not very clear which agency actually investigates and enforces the laws related to gambling. Wyoming lawmakers are discussing the potential of a new bill that would regulate online sports betting in the state. House Bill 225 was introduced to the Wyoming House of Representatives on February 12. The sponsors of this bill are Senator Ogden Driskill and Representative Tom Walters.

Since then, only one bill, HB 225, was introduced to legalize sports betting, though little progress has been made.

Wyoming is not a place steeped in gambling history, only introducing a state lottery in 2013. Even tribal casinos are relatively new, only being granted permission to operate in 2005.

That said, Wyoming residents can still gamble on things like bingo, raffles, horse and dog racing, and daily fantasy, as well as slots, table games, and live poker at tribal casinos. The largest of these casinos is the Wind River Hotel & Casino, which offers over 800 slot machines, ten table games, and a poker room.

Sports Gambling Wyoming

While legal sports betting may not be approved yet in Wyoming, residents in the state’s northern and southern regions can make a short trip to neighboring states that have moved to legalize. Both Montana and Colorado have introduced legal sports betting in their states.

When Will Sports Betting Be Legal in Wyoming?

While legal sports betting may one day arrive in Wyoming, it may still be some time away. 2020 saw House bill 225 put forth for consideration of legal sports betting. However, it did not get the votes in the legislature (27-32) to move forward. The bill called for not allowing prop bets on college sports or any game involving a college team from Wyoming. It was also only proposing the legalization of online sports betting versus in-person or retail wagering. The bill proposed a 16% tax rate for operators and 18 as the legal gambling age.

Several voters who were against 2020’s sports betting bill are also against expanded gambling in general. If sports betting is legalized sometime soon, Wyoming has very few locations that could offer retail betting. Additionally, Wyoming is not a huge sports area with no major sports teams participating in the top leagues.

However, the state is always looking for additional revenue and may elect to keep gambling dollars in-state. Rep. Tom Walters’ re-election could be key in progressing the legal sports betting agenda as he has already stated he will propose another bill.

Wyoming Sports Betting FAQs

Is sports betting legal in Wyoming?

Despite PASPA being overturned in 2018, there are currently no active bills on the table to legalize sports betting in Wyoming.

How many casinos are in Wyoming?


There are only four casinos in Wyoming, with the Wind River Hotel & Casino being the largest.

What is Wyoming known for?

In 1869 Wyoming became the first state to allow women voting rights, thus becoming known as the Equality State. The very first national monument (Devil’s Tower) in the US was also established in 1906.

  • The Northern Arapaho Tribe is planning on bringing sports betting to Wyoming without the need for a bill to pass in the state legislature.
  • The first of three casinos to launch sports betting is Wind River Casino and the tribe has already begun taking formal steps to go live in the venue.
  • This addition of sportsbooks will not only bring a sports betting opportunity to bettors in Wyoming but also much-needed jobs and funds.

RIVERTON, Wyo. – Without any official state legislation, Wyoming may be getting sports from the Northern Arapaho Tribe according to statements released.

The Northern Arapaho Tribe has found a grey area in Wyoming law stating that the tribe operates its gaming under the US Department of the Interior which does not require state approval.

The business council of the tribe has even announced that it will begin taking formal steps to launch legal sports betting at the three tribal casinos in the state, starting with the Wind River casino located in central Wyoming.

“With the addition of well-regulated sports betting, our Northern Arapaho Tribe has an important opportunity to enhance the gaming experience at our facilities while generating increased revenue to help fund vital programs and services for the Arapaho people,” said the NABC in a statement. “Tribal gaming officials and the Northern Arapaho Gaming Agency are currently taking the appropriate steps to allow wagers on sporting events, an amenity we are excited to make available to patrons of the Wind River Hotel & Casino and our other Tribal gaming establishments.”

Gaming officials of Northern Arapaho have started the process of drafting rules and regulations for the sports betting options that are set to begin at Wind River casino.

The CEO of Wind River Hotel & Casino, Brian Van Enkenvoort, believes sports betting will create much-needed jobs to tribal establishments and bring funds for Tribal members’ vital services.


”Well-regulated sports betting is an excellent way to make the gaming experience even better for our customers at the Wind River Hotel & Casino and each of our gaming establishments,” said Van Enkenvoort. “This is truly an amenity that sports fans can’t find anyplace else in Wyoming.”

Sports Gambling Wyoming News

Currently, there are no plans to launch mobile sports betting and players will have to visit the land-based casinos to place wagers on sports.

Sports Gambling Wyoming State

North Dakota is also planning to take the same approach as Wyoming sports betting by launching tribal sportsbooks without any state legislation passed and that will be coming in the near future.

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