Sto Doff Assignment Slots

One of the first things about the duty officer systems that i found out is that it is pretty complicated. Apparently, there are over 30 thousand individual duty officers and they have tons of different jobs, specializations and qualities. With so many choices how do you figure out where to start? Luckily, some of the people who have played for a while gave me some hints and tips that I will pass on to you.

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Duty officer departments

Current Map and Personal both list duty officer assignments that are available in your area. In Progress and Completed are pretty easy to understand. The Assignment Log lists assignments you've completed. Assignment Chains shows assignments that have different parts. You can complete the entire chain of these assignments for a special reward. The free pack of holo-Doffs takes 18 DOff slots to open, and they are all commons, so I just threw mine into the bank, probably never to be used. Crafting is now the #6 reputation grind; just as I suspected, the items required to crit the R&D DOff missions are mostly contained in the Z-store mat's pack, but subject to the same lottery chances.

Sto Doff Assignment Slots, casino hammerbrook, fruit shop slot free, party casino ibiza advert. You'll need Tier III to get the max amount of assignment slots, but at Tier I, you should have one assignment slot available to you. The Wiki doesn't say where exactly, but if I remember correctly, it should be in Ops (upstairs), at one of the many consoles placed around the perimeter of the circular room. Remember, additional reserve roster duty officer slots (in increments of 25 and 100) are available from the in-game C-Store, for up to a maximum of 500 reserve roster spaces. Have fun, and try not to send too many duty officers to Sickbay. For more Star Trek Online news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

There are currently 7 different types of duty officers. Each of these different types are useful in different assignments which I will cover in a later post. These departments seem to cover what the general crew on a starship would do. You know the guys who keep the ship running so you can do all the important stuff.

Duty officer specialization

Sto Doff Assignment Slots

Remember when I said things were complicated well this is your first taste of it. There are 47 different specializations for duty officers. With only 100 slots for duty officers this creates a problem. Which ones do I really need, and how many of each? So by now my eyes were glazing over, this duty officer thing seems to be extremely complicated. But fear not, some smart people have been here before us

The spreadsheet


After spending some time talking to other players, they eventually led me to a spreadsheet with the answers. It can be found here. Here is a quick summary.

  • Tactical (12)
    • Conn officer – 2
    • Energy weapons officer – 4
    • Projectile weapons officer – 4
    • Shield distribution officer -2
  • Security (15)
    • Armory officer – 6
    • Assault squad officer – 3
    • Security officer – 6
  • Engineering (25)
    • Damage control engineer – 4
    • Diagnostic engineer – 4
    • Fabrication engineer – 4
    • Maintenance engineer – 4
    • Matter-antimatter specialist – 1
    • Systems engineer – 4
    • Technician – 4
    • Warp core engineer – 2
  • Operations (18)
    • Deflector officer – 2
    • Explosives expert – 4
    • Flight deck officer
    • Hazard system officer – 2
    • Quartermaster – 3
    • Sensors officer – 3
    • Tractor beam officer – 2
    • Transporter officer – 2
  • Science (22)
    • Astrometrics scientist – 4
    • Biologist – 2
    • Botanist – 2
    • Development lap scientist – 2
    • Geologist – 2
    • Gravimetric scientist – 2
    • Photonic studies scientist – 2
    • Research lab scientist – 4
    • Warp theorist – 2
  • Medical (11)
    • Biochemist – 2
    • Counselor – 4
    • Doctor – 3
    • Medic
    • Nurse – 2
  • Civilian (18)
    • Advisor – 4
    • Bartender – 2
    • Chef – 2
    • Colonist
    • Diplomat – 4
    • Entertainer – 2
    • Prisoner
    • Refugee
    • Trader – 4
Sto doff assignment slots sheet

Sto Doff Assignment Slots List

Sto Doff Assignment Slots

Now, some of the more mathematically minded among you have already see the problem. Yup, thats right the spreadsheet says that 121 is what you need. While that maybe an optimal amount if you have the room, you start with only 100 slots so this doesn’t work.

Sto Doff Assignment Slots Codes

The solution

After some tinkering with the above, I suggest that you take out 2 of the following: traders, advisors, diplomat, research lab scientist, explosives expert, systems engineer, armory officer, security officer, astrometric scientist, systems engineer and 1 photonic studies scientist for an even 100.


At an even 100 duty officers you are going to find out that you are locked out of a couple of types of missions. Specifically, you can’t do the colonial ones. I will explain how to get around this problem in another post.