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T-SLot vs V-Slot: – Both have the same external dimensions e.g. 2020 = 20x20mm – Both have the same 6mm Slot profile so use the same nuts/ T-Bolts – TSlot has 5mm center hole and can be tapped to M6.

Advantages of mk Extruded Aluminum Framing & T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions

T Slot Extrusion Nz Jobs

  1. T-slotted aluminum extrusions. 10 series – 1 inch aluminum extrusions (70) 15 series – 1.5 inch aluminum extrusions (139) 30 series - 30mm aluminum extrusions (45.
  2. Our T slotted aluminum extrusions are easy to maintain and clean and is the perfect, durable addition to any project. Aluminum T Slot Custom & OEM. Eagle Mouldings is a Manufacturer, Stocking Warehouse, and Supplier of Standard, Custom and OEM T slot. Our custom and OEM aluminum extrusion services allow us to meet any need our customer may.

T Slot Extrusion Types

With mk Aluminum Framing and t-slot aluminum extrusions you can build just about anything you can imagine, whether it be machine bases, safety enclosures, perimeter guards, tool racks, robot stands, carts, workstations, display units or something else.

  • Flexibility
  • Fast assembly
  • Easy reconfiguration
  • Cost and labor savings
  • Superior fit and finish
  • Easy-to-use system components
  • Designed for high load applications
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Re-usability of components

All t-slot extruded aluminum systems are engineered for a precise fit and maximum rigidity. Forget the hassles and inflexibility of steel – the welding, grinding, painting and waiting. mk t-slot aluminum extrusions offer you fast assembly, easy reconfiguration and unlimited flexibility.

Machine GuardThis machine guard features yellow paneling with wire mesh access doors and internal docking stations.
Laboratory Work CenterThis custom work center is constructed out of a variety of mk profiles with wood paneling and work-surfaces.
Custom VST ApplicationA custom VST with timing belt driving auxiliary equipment.
Machine GuardThis machine guard features a separate access location for the control panel of the equipment.
Guard with Panel ClipsThis is an example of a a black PVC mesh panel held in place in the t-slot of the extrusion.
Machine GuardThis is an example of a machine guard in a robotic work cell.
Conveyor with Custom GuardThis is an example of a guard constructed with closed-sided profiles, mounted to a conveyor.
Access DoorThis is an access door in a PVC wire mesh guard around a conveyor.
Machine GuardThis is an example of a machine guard used in an OEM application.
Workcell Guardingmk guarding is used to seperate robotic workcells.

T Slot Extrusion Aluminum

Workcell with CartsThis guard features integrated carts, which when in place act as part of the guard, but can be removed as needed.
Guard Corner ExampleThis is an example of a guard with clear polycarbonate paneling.
ExtrusionT slot extrusion aluminum
Custom Plate Linear Module LZRThis is a custom linear module featuring foam filled mk extrusion.
Wire Mesh GuardingPVC coated wire mesh paneling mounted into the t-slot of the guard.
Custom CartThese custom carts are portable and feature different top surfaces.
Conveyor GuardThis conveyor guard feature clear poly-carbonate guarding mounted into the t-slot of the mk extrusion.
Linear Module LZRA mk LZR linear module, with a hollow shaft for motorized operation.
Machine GuardThis machine guard features mk's flat finish profile and clear polycarbonate removable paneling.
Parallel ConnectorThis is an example of a parallel plate holding sections of guards together.
Machine GuardClear polycarbonate paneling is held in place use mk panel clips. This allows the paneling to be removed.
Glide AssembliesThis is a photo of the three glide assemblies for the 50 system.
Shelving and GuardingThis is an example of a shelf within a wire mesh guard.
Door with Lock and Handlemk offers a wide variety of handles and locks for guarding
Hinge on an Unframed PanelSmall door can be supplied unframed, this hinge would be used.
Machine Guard with Pull OutThis guard features pull out draws for product and process access.
T Slot Extrusion Nz
Custom WorkstationThis custom workstation features a ball transfer work surface.
Counter Balance WindowThis is an example of a counter balance window constructed out of mk profile and components.
Storage ContainerThis is a custom storage container with an integrated work surface.
Storage LockersThis is an example of custom designed storage lockers, with blue paneling and flat finish profile construction.
Side Gripper Conveyors with VSTTwo side running conveyors are mounted to a VST linear module which is used to vary the spacing between the conveyor belts.
WorkstationA workstation integrated into a conveyor line.
Work Surfacesmk offers a wide variety of surfaces for workstations.
WorkbenchThis is an example of a height adjustable workbench. The height is adjusted manually using mk's telescoping profile.
Door with LockThis is an example of a door constructed out of mk profile with an integrated key lock.
Pneumatic PortSeveral mk profiles can be pressurized and used as a pneumatic beam. This is an example of an outlet port.
Shop CartsThese shop carts feature red closure strip in the t-slot to make them easily identifiable.
Factory ShelvingThis is an example of storage shelving for a factory.
Laboratory CartThis is an example of a cart designed for use in a laboratory, constructed using mk flat finish profiles.
Motor Driven VSTMotors can be used to drive mk VST linear modules.
VSTTwo examples of mk linear modules, VST

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LZR and ConveyorThe LZR is used in combination with other linear modules to move a fixture mounted above the conveyor.
Custom Linear ModuleThis is an example of a custom linear module mounted in a frame constructed out of mk profiles.
WorkstationA workstation complete with an overhead light, power strip, draw, shelf and bins.
Custom CartThis custom cart features shelves on both sides of an open frame.
Vertical VSTThis VST is used to move fixtures vertically.
Linear Module Elevatormk linear module, LZR, is used in an elevator fashion here to move the platform.
Custom Show TableThis piece was designed for use at a trade show for the customer.
Linear ModuleA standard LZR linear module

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