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I guess when we’re no longer able to buy those this is what the future of riding will look like. A Safe Place to Rest Your Head: Lodging in the Time... An Old Bike and the Sea: A first ride on Highway... Ride Along the Riverside: Sport Touring in Western New England, List of U.S. Motorcycle Tour Operators 2020, Gold Country Highs: Pass Bagging in Nevada and California, Mystical Morocco: Edelweiss Bike Travel’s Morocco Tour.
The new-for-2020 KTM 390 Adventure is a lot of bike for the money, with off-road ready WP suspension, traction control, cornering ABS and a spunky single-cylinder engine. The Best Bikes for Smaller Riders (and Budgets): 2019 Edition!
But how long before it’s released? 2020 Yamaha WR250F vs WR250R | Comparison Test. 2020 KTM 390 Adventure | Road Test Review, Favorite Rides & Destinations Digital Edition, Adventure & Dual-Sport Motorcycle Reviews, 2021 BMW R nineT Range Announced: Engine and Color Updates. I agree I do not agree On paper it’s not so bad, listed at 33.6 inches, but the seat is hard and fairly flat, with sharp edges that make it difficult to get your feet on the ground.
At 5 feet, 9 inches, I found the handlebar to be too low for stand-up riding, requiring a pronounced forward lean; a bar riser would be on my must-have list.
Agreed that it’s just to tall, for me anyway!
And there’s another upshot: the long reach from seat to footpegs leads to a relaxed bend in the knees and makes standing up for off-road riding a cinch. What mythical beast is this? Great review. Up front is a 43mm WP Apex USD fork with 6.7 inches of travel and adjustable compression and rebound damping; in the back is a WP Apex shock with 7 inches of travel and adjustable spring preload and rebound damping. To me the Adventure R is a Unicorn, a Goldilocks bike.
Even the 790 Adventure in the low position is 32.7 I believe. Neat little bike. I’m not sure if I can ride it well because I’m short(5’6″) . Adjustable front and rear WP suspension, a full-color TFT display, lean-angle sensitive traction control and Bosch 2-channel cornering ABS are all standard, with a quickshifter offered as an option. Spoon on some knobbier tires, bolt on KTM’s accessory aluminum skid plate and you’re ready for some hard-core adventure. Fortunately the 390 is a featherweight, tipping the scales at just 387 pounds fully fueled, adding confidence to one-footed stops and making it easy to push around.
A centerstand, unfortunately, is not on the list. A KTM adventure bike that costs less and makes more power than a Kawasaki KLR650, has fuel injection, electronic rider aids and weighs nearly 50 fewer pounds to boot? for spring preload & rebound damping, 7.0-in. It’s the 2020 KTM 390 Adventure, and it’s no myth. It narrows a bit toward the front, but at that point it also slopes up and gets even taller. Everything I want, except a too tall, too hard seat. December 31, 2018. What brand of tail bag is on the test bike?
Even with my 34-inch inseam, if I’m wearing stiff ADV-style boots I’m on my tiptoes at a stop, and forget about backing up even the slightest of inclines while seated on the bike. It’s fitted with a gear-driven counterbalancer to tame the worst of the vibes, although we noticed a fair amount in the grips and the cleated footpegs (rubber inserts are included but were removed from our test bike). 2020 Guide to New Street Motorcycles. Frame: Steel trellis, cast aluminum swingarmWheelbase: 56.3 in.Rake/Trail: 26.5 degrees/3.9 in.Seat Height: 33.6 in.Suspension, Front: 43mm USD fork, adj. Are you riding in winter?
You have entered an incorrect email address! Bosch 9.1MP cornering ABS has two settings: on and off-road, which disables it in back (it cannot be completely disabled). 327 Topics 3926 Posts Last post Free magazines… Thanks. Featured.

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  1. Up front is a 43mm WP Apex USD fork with 6.7 inches of travel and adjustable compression and rebound damping; in the back is a WP Apex shock with 7 inches of travel and adjustable spring preload and rebound damping. To me the Adventure R is a Unicorn, a Goldilocks bike. Even the 790 Adventure in the low position is 32.7 I believe. Neat little bike.
  2. Specialties: Nonstop thrills and unrivaled luxury await you in Southern California's most exhilarating all-in-one destination. Our elegant rooms and suites, world-class gaming, lavish spa, open-air pool and brewery restaurant ensure that an.

We are ready to kick off the second day of Quantum Millions qualifying here at the Bicycle Casino. This is the first of three flights coming up today, and the buy-in for this one is $360. Registration will be open until 3 PM today, and the other two sessions will be starting at 2 and 4 PM. Good luck players!

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Despite my less than spectacular performance earlier this week at the Bike NL tournament I wanted to give it another shot. I entered Friday night’s $25 +$5 NL Hold ‘Em tournament. I was a little surprised to see so many people. Final tally would be just shy of 200 players. I came nowhere near placing in the money so I will spare readers the tale of my dramatic battle but I almost made it to the second break which is two hours in so I wasn’t doing too poorly either. In fact, I did no rebuys before the first break and only did the double add-on at the break.

Bike Casino Blog

What I did want to share was a wild, wild evening. First off, I walk in and I see Chris Karagulleyan sitting a few tables away. I knew who he was because I had watched him take first place in the WPT Legends of Poker tournament last year. Uh, I’m not liking my chances at this point 🙂 Actually, I would have loved to have been seated at his table. . . especially condidering the company at my table.

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There were two main players who deserve special attention; Angry Asian Guy (AAG) and Older Woman (OW). AAG was a good player but he had no patience for the dealers or even other players. He was grabbing chips out of split pots before people could even count the stacks and the dealer would say “Whoa!” and then AAG would start screaming about how he was correct and . . . he was. But the zen like moment of the evening was when AAG’s female friend came over while he was playing. The lady started making comments in another language while standing to the rear of the players. After the fourth or so comment the dealer politely said “Please, English only at the tables.” AAG goes ballistic. He starts yelling that he hadn’t said a word. Of course, the dealer and several players had to point out that AAG’s female friend is standing behind other players and then making comments to him in a foreign language. He is yelling and screaming about how he was made to feel embarrassed by the dealer’s comments and so the dealer calls over a floorman. “English only!” says the floorman and that ends that.

Older Woman (OW) was, well . . . just not that good. I’m not even sure how describe her. It was obvious that she was playing out of her league. She seemed to play like it was her first game but instead of admitting it, it seemed like she was trying to come off as a more experienced player. She couldn’t follow the game very well, constantly asking how much to her and seeming confused by routine action. She soon became the target of quite a bit of frustration and jokes due to her sometimes headscratching play.

Here’s one of her more famous moments:

Check to her, she raises up to $100, everyone folds except one guy who goes all in with his monster stack of $110 and she folds. Yes, you read that correctly. She folded to a $10 re-raise. The dealer even sat there staring at her and waited quite a long time before mucking her hand just in case she came to her senses. Finally someone broke the silence and said, “Hey, why did you fold to a $10 re-raise?” She answers back “$10? Oh, I thought he raised more.” People were telling that one to their buddies at the break.

Now put AAG and OW at the same table and the fireworks start to fly! AAG is constantly getting into it with her because she’s not quick enough to keep up with the game. She starts to become defensive which only pours more fuel on the fire and pretty soon other players jump in and start yelling at her too. At one point during a heated exchange between her and three or four other players this younger kid at the table says “I’m at a table full of angry old people.” There was a long pause and then the entire table burst out laughing.

But the action didn’t stop there. During the break two players from another table almost threw fists. I’m not sure what the argument was about but there were a lot of accusations of homosexuality.

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All in all, I think I played well but I just couldn’t grab any sort of lead and eventually fell victim to the gradual drip of my stack into the blind and ante pool. I will have to say that I did learn a lot about my NL play though. I learned that I suck. Actually, I learned that I need to do some more study. I play it too much like limit poker. Time to hit some $5 SnG NL games online and get some practice in.


The Bike Casino Blog

Also, just a note about the $25 +$5 game at the Bike: Earlier in the week I played the $20 +$5 and everything doubled in the $25 game except the chips. Rebuys were $10 for $400 in the $20 game and it was $20 for $400 in the $25 game. You can do a single rebuy anytime you have less than $600 and if you have less than $200 you can do a double rebuy. Since they only give you $200 everyone can rebuy the second the tournament starts which leads to a mass call of rebuys before the first hand is even dealt. The guys in the blinds wait for the first hand and then do double rebuys. So, really, even though it’s a $20 or $25 game, you really can’t compete without rebuying. I’m not a huge fan of this structure and I probably won’t be playing the $25 tournaments as they seem like a rip-off compared to the $20.