Third Cultivation Slot Mhw

Third Cultivation Slot MhwThird

Developer and Publisher Capcom latest Monster Hunter game titled Monster Hunter World has brought new game mechanics, monster, gear and above all better graphics and gameplay.

The Harvest Box has 10 slots to store the products from Cultivation Chamber. Once the box is full, no additional resources will be cultivated. The Cultivation will continue as long as there's sufficient space in the box. Collecting harvested resources prematurely does not affect cultivation. The amount of slots can be increased by completing. Heard people say need some 'third party software' to change the name of your character. There is no offical way to change the name of your hunter or palico, you can create a new hunter and give it a new name.

The new game has a lot of things players need to learn like how to fight a particular monster, how to craft items, collect resource and more. but in this guide, you will How to unlock more slots at Botanical Research Center to farm Might Seeds, Mushroom and more.

How To Unlock More Farming Slots In Monster Hunter World

Unlocking Second Slots – You can unlock the second row of farming slots by completing an optional quest titled “Persistent Pest”. to access this particular quest you need to have unlocked the four-star quests. in this mission, you will have to hunt down 14 Hornetaurs which is very easy to complete.

After completing its return to chief in Botanical Research center and it will automatically unlock a second row of farming slots.

Unlocking Third Slots – to unlock the third row of farming slots you need to complete a quest titled “Talons Of Ire And Ice”. it is an optional quest which can only be accessed once you unlock Seven-star quests.

In this quest, you will have to hunt a Legiana and an Odogaron after completing this return to the Botanical chief and you will have obtained the third row at the research center.

You can now use it to farm Might seed and sell them for money or farm other plants to make poison, potions, bombs and more.

Check out this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide & walkthrough to get to High Rank fast. Including quest info, monster tips, recommended weapons, and more!

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Check Out Main Story Quest List!

Start To 4★ Quests

Start To 4★ Quests Walkthrough

1 Complete missions until you hunt the Pukei-Pukei
2 Keep hunting Pukei-Pukei to craft Poison weapons
3 Complete quests until you hunt the Tobi-Kadachi
4 Craft Tobi-Kadachi armor & use Botanical Research Center to produce Honey
5 Complete quests until you hunt the Radobaan
List Of Quests To Complete
Quest Name Target
Radobaan Roadblock Radobaan 4★
Ballooning Problems Paolumu 4★
One for the History Books Zorah Magdaros 4★
The Encroaching Anjanath Anjanath 4★
Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi Tobi-Kadachi 3★
Sinister Shadows in the Swamp Jyuratodus 3★
The Best Kind of Quest Barroth 3★
Urgent: Puke-Pukei Hunt Puke-Pukei 3★
Bird-Brained Bandit Kulu-Ya-Ku 2★
The Great Jagras Hunt Great Jagras 2★
A Kestodon Kerfluffle Slay 12 Kestodons 2★
Jagras of the Ancient Forest Slay 7 Jagras 1★

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Use Poison Or Water Weapons In This Part

Crafting water or poison weapons in this part of the story will help you defeat the target monsters faster. Poison does damage over time while many monsters in the early quests are weak to the water element.

Use Botanical Research Center To Cultivate Items

Once you've unlocked the Botanical Research Center, make sure to go there after every quest and cultivate items. This will be extremely useful in crafting recovery items, capture materials, and more.

Third cultivation slot mhw softwareCheck Out The Botanical Research Center!

Start To Cultivate Honey For Recovery Items

The first thing you should cultivate is Honey. You'll be needing more of this item the further you progress into the game so it's better to stock up on it early on.

Craft Better Armor Before Hunting Anjanath

The Anjanath is one of the apex monsters in the Ancient Forest and can easily kill you. Before facing it, make sure that your armor can withstand its attacks and damage.

4★ Quests To High Rank

4★ Quests To High Rank Walkthrough

Third Cultivation Slot Mhw
1 Complete 4★ Quest 'Gettin' Yolked in the Forest'
Complete 4★ Quest 'Persistent Pests'
2 Cultivate Flashbug in the Botanical Research Center
3 Complete quests until you hunt the Odogaron
4 Collect Elder Dragon tracks in Ancient Forest
5 Complete quests in hunting Rathalos & Diablos
6 Repel Zorah Magdaros
List Of Quests To Complete
Quest Name Target
A Colossal Task Zorah Magdaros 6★
Horned Tyrant Below the Sands Diablos 5★
A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest Rathalos 5★
Into the Bowels of the Vale Odogaron 5★
Legiana: Embodiment of Elegance Legiana 5★

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Expand & Upgrade Botanical Research Center

As quests become more challenging, you'll be needing more items to supplement you in your hunts. Focus on expanding the Botanical Research Center to provide you with more items such as Flashbugs!

Check Out The Botanical Research Center!

Third Cultivation Slot Mhw Machine

Create An Item Loadout For Hunts

It's best to have an item loadout that you can easily use for any monster that you hunt. This will help you greatly when you fight against the tougher monsters in the game.

Recommended Item Loadout

Item Application
Shock Trap Used to trap monsters
Trap Tool Used to create traps
Thunderbug Used to create Shock Traps
Tranq Bomb Used to capture monsters
Flash Pods Drops flying monsters & stuns them
Flashbug Used to create Flash Pods

Rathalos & Diablos Fight Tips

Use Ghillie Mantle Then Mega Barrel Bomb

Mhw Unlock Third Cultivation Slot

Use the Ghillie Mantle to get close to the monster and then set up a Mega Barrel Bomb near them. This will let you do big damage to them at the start of the fight without them noticing you.

Immobilize Monsters With Flash Pods

The Rathalos will fall when you throw a Flash Pod near its face while the Diablos will be immobilized by a Flash Pod. Limiting the monsters' movements will help you create openings for attack.

End Quest Faster By Capturing Monsters

You'll be able to complete the quest quickly by capturing monsters instead of slaying them. This will save you precious time and prevent monsters from killing you.

Go To Ancient Forest To Find Elder Dragon Tracks

After fighting with the Odogaron, go to the Ancient Forest to gather Elder Dragon tracks. Head to Area 14 and 15 to gather these tracks and unlock the Rathalos / Diablos quests.

Complete 6★ Zorah Magdaros Quest To Get High Rank

After you've completed 6★ Zorah Magdaros quest, you'll finally unlock High Rank quests, weapons, and armor. As long as you're able to repel the Nergigante, you'll reach the final stage of the Zorah Magdaros quest.

Facilities To Upgrade

Botanical Research Institute

More Items Needed In High Rank

Once you reach High Rank, you'll need more items to hunt more efficiently. It's recommended to upgrade and expand your Botanical Research Center as early as you can to supplement your item needs.

How To Expand Botanical Research Center

What To Unlock Quest To Complete
Cultivation Types Complete 3★ Quest 'Prickly Predicament'
Cultivation Slots Complete 4★ Quest 'Persistent Pests'
Cultivation Types Complete 4★ Quest 'Gettin' Yolked in the Forest'