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Twewy Pin Slots the online casinos offer the bonuses? Don’t they go at a loss when they do Twewy Pin Slots so? There are Twewy Pin Slots different reasons why the sites might decide to offer players the bonus money, but competition and their urge to attract more and more players to their sites can be attributed to being the main reason why.

This is a list of equips that are used in both the DS and FR speedruns. It was in the general speedrunning guide, but the information had grown to be a bit too much, so this is now in its own guide.


1. Pins
2. Threads
3. Threads (consideration)
4. Food
5. Materials
6. Shop FSG
7. Pigs


Here's a shortlist of pins that are worth considering in both versions. Each pin has its own pin ATK (pATK). If a pin is given at the end of a day and there are no additional fights, then it is listed at the first day where you're able to use it. Remember that psychs (in parentheses) are unique attacks, while pins are particular variants of psychs. Each psych has an efficiency (EFF) value, which affects how much damage is dealt per hit.

For DS, using high-efficiency psychs is ideal. They are typically slower, but one puck hit from a high-efficiency psych deals much more damage than many low-efficiency hits. The puck multiplier starts at 2.0X and increases by 0.1X to 0.5X per successful rally.

For FR, efficiency doesn't matter as much because the cross combo damage multiplier starts at 1.10X and only increases by 0.05X per successive hit. The current routing is big on Natural Puppy (NP) psychs. While their psychs don't have the greatest efficiency, they're spammable. It also helps that NP is one of the brand walls.

W1D2 Force Rounds: (Force Rounds) Easy to use, and many fast shots, which makes it preferable over most of the other starter pins. DS stops using the Force Rounds psych after W1D4, but FR may still use it effectively. Lovely Beam can evolve to Superfine Beam via battle PP, and this means that Innocence Beam (57+3/Lv pATK, 5Lv) is eventually available once Superfine Beam evolves via battle PP. Playmate Beam, the best pin (71+5/Lv pATK, 11+1/Lv uses, 3Lv), is given at the end of W3D4.

W1D2 Shockwave: (Shockwave) Easy to use. While it has 35% EFF, it hits multiple enemies if they're bunched together. It may still be used in DS, especially against bosses, due to its stunlock properties. In FR, Masamune (8 uses, 23+1/Lv pATK) is given at the end of W1D4, and it can evolve to Nenekiri (10 uses, 46+2/Lv pATK). Enju (12 uses, 60+3/Lv pATK) is available on W3D1.

Twewy Unlock Pin Slots

W1D2 Cure Drink: (Cure Drink) Cure Drink is the standard healing pin you get at the start of the game. There are better ones, but none are worth spending time to obtain. Three 50% heals is enough to get you out of any pinch.

[DS] W1D3 Ice Blow: (Piercing Pillar S) A very fast, 100% EFF psych that can hit multiple enemies and will instantly pass the puck. This is a good opener, as the momentary stun-juggle will give you time to move Neku into a good position. Loses a bit of its punch in the latter half of the game, as it has only 27 pATK when mastered.

W1D4 Poison Bones: (Doomed Defense) Given at the end of W1D3, this is a staple. At the beginning of a battle, all non-bosses have a chance to be inflicted with defense break, which means they'll take +20% damage. This chance seems to be around 50%. (Note that when Neku or the partner has defense break, they take double damage.)

[FR] W1D4 Love Me Tether: (Entanglement) This psych is valued in FR for its constant damage output. Due to the differences in pin evolution from DS to FR, Love Me Tether can evolve to Sweet Talk Tether via battle PP.

W1D5 Murasame: (Vulcan Uppercut) Once you get this, you should put it in your pin deck and raise it to Lv3 for an optional W1D6 wall that not only saves you time, but gives you a second Durable Leather. In FR, remove it from your pin deck once it hits Lv3, as it will evolve if leveled further. Once the W1D6 wall is cleared, you may put it in your deck again, as in FR, it can evolve twice to Kusanagi.

W1D6 Sexy D: (Psychokinesis D) This works quite well against Decadravens. Efficiency varies on the obstacle used, but it's good filler damage. It'll be used again on W2D5 for the DB brand wall.

[DS] W1D6 Daruma: (Apport C) Used against Higashizawa (the GM) because Apport C has 80% EFF. Its single hit of 53 damage is better than anything else you have at this point. Has a very cumbersome activation and startup lag, but Higashizawa is immobile. It's typically retired on W2D3 in favor of Ichimonji.

[FR] W1D7 One Stroke Vast Wealth: (Burst Rounds) This is your chance to get an endgame pin very early. Compared to DS, Burst Rounds isn't completely bonkers, but OSVW is still a very powerful pin with 6 shots and 150% EFF. Fight the Dissonance Reaper at LVG 1, and use two Lv2 fusions to increase your chances of getting the pin, as the default drop rate is a lowly 0.90%.

[DS] W2D3 Ichimonji: (Lance Lunge) A fast, 80% EFF psych that will also pass the puck. Compared to Ice Blow, this one has a slight startup lag, as Neku must align himself. Ichimonji (30+4/Lv pATK) is given on W2D2, and will evolve to Nikkari (51+3/Lv pATK) during W3D2 or W3D3. However, on W2D5, it's possible to clear the pig at the Bus Terminal to get Nikkari early.

[DS] W2D3 Tin Pin Custom: (Burst Rounds) This is the primary offensive psych until the end of the game. It features a whopping 150% EFF, though it has a noticeable charge time. Tin Pin Custom (40 pATK) is already mastered. This is upgraded to One Stone Many Birds (47+3/Lv pATK) on W2D5 (Shibukyu Main/DC, ¥6000). It's possible to get One Stroke Vast Wealth (79+1/Lv pATK) on W3D4, but the drop rate is very low. Note that the Japanese version has Burst Rounds at 50% EFF.

W2D3 Pop Pendulum: (Patrol Rounds T) Pop Pendulum is required to pass a wall on W2D3. Casual Pendulum has higher ATK and is given after Uzuki is defeated on W3D3. The Patrol Rounds T pin should be placed before the Force Rounds pin in the deck, as Patrol Rounds T has less shots and a longer reboot time.

W2D5 Tin Pin Thrift: (Sacrifice) Induces SOS on Neku. While Neku is in SOS, he deals +30% damage and gets +20% EXP. If healed out of SOS, Sacrifice turns off. This is a psych that hasn't been tested much due to its risky nature, but I believe we'll be seeing more of it as runs become more refined and runners look for more timesaves. Note that in DS, SOS mode is 0% of a character's half of the lifebar, while in FR, it's <=25% HP.

W3D4 Fly Line: (Grave Marker) It deals more damage than Lance Lunge, but has more startup lag, and Neku is vulnerable while performing the attack. Fly Line has 74+6/Lv pATK, so at Lv4, it has 98 pATK. At Lv5, it evolves to Fresh Line, but this is actually a downgrade. Though it gets more uses, a Lv1 Fresh Line has 81 pATK. You should be able to finish the game before this happens. No current run uses this yet.

[FR] W3D5 Natural Puppy: (Resonance NP) Available by fighting the mass reapers on hard difficulty, this will boost pin ATK by 20%. Sweet Talk Tether improves from 70 pATK to 84 pATK, which is a more significant boost than what most equips could provide. Pimp out that Natural Puppy deck!

W3D5 Tin Pin Blade: (Vortex Saber M) (Udagawa Cyco, [W2D4 FSG Lv4:] Tin Pin Wind: 1 Tin Pin Custom/4 Rare Metal. [W3D5 FSG Lv5:] 1 Tin Pin Wind/2 Tektite) At 100% EFF and a whopping 99+1/Lv pATK, this will deal more damage than any pin besides OSMB/OSVW. But it has a boot time and an activation that isn't ideal: mic on DS, or scratching on FR. You must get Tin Pin Wind on W2D4, then master it to trade it in on W3D5.

[DS] W3D7 Rhyme: (Summon Rhyme) It's slow, but it has a beefy 120% EFF. Works for the final 3 fights.

W3D7 Lightning Rook: (Lightning Arrester) You get to use it for only 2 fights before the game ends, but better late than never! It makes the final 2 fights trivial.



For DS, puck abilities matter more than ATK, though stacking ATK on Shiki or Beat (not Joshua!) will work due to their high-efficiency panels. Once Naraka is available on W2D3, Purple Sneaks and Naraka should be equipped on both characters at all times except to clear the brand walls.

For FR, only the ATK stat matters. That's it. Everything you use should maximize ATK. Partners benefit more than Neku.

[FR] W1D3 Ribbon Bonnet: Hat: +5 ATK (Shiki only), 107 BRV. A-East LA, ¥1800
This is Shiki's first equip. Compared to DS, they made it cheaper and require less BRV. Shiki starts with 110 BRV so this is perfect.

[DS] W1D3 Brown Baby Tee/W1D4 Nylon Waist Pack:
[BBT] Top: +1 ATK, -1 partner panel, 30 BRV. Shibukyu MR, ¥780
[Nylon Waist Pack] Accessory: +1 ATK, -1 partner panel, 10 BRV. 104 MR, ¥1095
-1 panel for the partner means a shorter panel map, and therefore faster finishers and more fusion stars. Keep in mind the ability only works when the partner is wearing the item. While multiple MR shops stock these, you must use the specific shops listed to unlock the ability.

[DS] W1D4 Star Cap: Hat: +5 ATK, Shiki +1 Fusion Star, 60 BRV. 104 DB, ¥7800
Shiki uses this as her hat in DS. The ability is a nice bonus.

[DS] W1D4 Peach Turtleneck: Top: +1 ATK, Faster Puck 1, 10 BRV. 104 MR, ¥780
Cheap shirt for Neku with Faster Puck 1, which reduces the puck passing time by 15%.

W1D4 Alive: Top: +3 ATK, 18 BRV. 104 WB, ¥4890
This works for Neku, but he won't see much of a benefit due to his low efficiency. However, this builds up FSG at the Wild Boar shop, which works towards getting the King Pendant.

W1D5 Knit Casquette: Hat: +4 ATK, 18 BRV. Molco DB, ¥4800
Good for Neku and Beat while they're cowardly, and works towards the D+B brand wall.

W1D5 Purple Sneaks: Footwear: +1 ATK, 27 BRV. Faster Puck 2 (DS), CC Faster Sync 2 (FR). Molco TP, ¥5100
• [DS] This is the most important equip in the game. Both characters should always wear these, as dual Sneaks will reduce the puck passing time by 50% (1.6s -> 0.8s).

• [FR] Provides +1 ATK, which is at least something. CC Faster Sync 2 may be useful against W2D7 Sho and W3D5 Berserk Uzuki/Kariya, should you need to use a fusion quickly.

W1D5 Spiked Choker: Accessory: +3 ATK, Shiki line combo map (DS)/+1s Shiki fusion (FR), 25 BRV. Molco TP, ¥3600
This is only useful for its ATK boost. In DS, this simplifies Shiki's combo map into a line. In FR, the ability is detrimental because it extends fusion time, but you should only ever use a fusion against Cornix Canor (W1D6) anyway.

W1D6 Biker Jacket: Top: +10 ATK (+15 for Neku), 38 BRV. Molco TP, 1 Cotton Biker Vest/3 Rare Metal/1 Durable Leather
This top obsoletes almost every other top in the game due to its excellent ATK boost and low cost. It's possible to obtain the 6 Rare Metal and 2 Durable Leather by W1D6 to quest two of them: one for Neku, and one for the partner. In fact, it is so good, runners usually unequip the Biker Jacket off Shiki and Joshua before their end-of-week bosses so that it's not lost.

[DS] W1D6 Green Warm-Ups: Uniform: +1 ATK, Faster Puck 1, 23 BRV. Cadoi MR, ¥1290
One of the only practical uniforms. This also has Faster Puck 1, and doesn't use the valuable Top slot.

[DS] W2D3 Naraka: Accessory: +3 ATK, Puck Power 1, 32 BRV. Cat Street JM, ¥11100
If Neku and his partner both equip these, the puck will start at 3.0X instead of 2.0X. This is a significant damage boost. Except when clearing the brand walls, this should always be equipped on both characters.

W2D4 Denim Blouse: Top: +5 ATK, 40 BRV. Molco DB, ¥1500
Inexpensive, works towards the D+B brand wall, and is a suitable Biker Jacket replacement for Joshua before he faces Sho.

[FR] W2D4 Red Mohawk Set: Accessory: +7 ATK, 45 BRV. Molco TP, ¥9000
Replaces the Spiked Choker. More ATK!

W2D4 San Francisco: Hat: +7 ATK, Resist Immobilization, 25 BRV. Udagawa WB, ¥9195
The maingame hat with the highest non-SOS ATK boost. The ability is a cherry on top, and will matter against the W3D2 boss.

W2D5 Camouflage: Bottom: +0 ATK, +20% SOS ATK, 35 BRV. 104 WB, ¥12000
SOS-only equip. This depends on the user's other threads. On W3D3, if Beat is maxing ATK and wearing San Francisco/Goth Bondage Coat/King Pendant, he'll have 62 ATK. Camouflage will then provide +12 ATK, so this may very well be worth it over Purple Sneaks.

W3D2 Wild Boar Pendant: Accessory: +9 ATK, 35 BRV. 104 WB, ¥16200
Replaces the Red Mohawk Set and works as an intermediate equip. Not bad, but it can quest to...

W3D2 King Pendant: Accessory: +12 ATK (+16 for Beat), 42 BRV. 104 WB, 1 WB Pendant/6 Rare Metal/3 Sparkling Silver
This provides a monster ATK boost, and is a perfect fit for Beat. However, it is very expensive, as you must pay ¥32400 for 3 Sparkling Silver on W2D6, then bring the 104 WB shopkeeper to FSG Lv5 in order to unlock the ability.


W3D2 Goth Bondage Coat: Top: +27 ATK, 54 BRV, induces SOS. A-East LA, 1 Vampire Dress/2 Tektite/1 Sleek Silk
This one is interesting because it appears to be +17 ATK with the ability Jinxed ATK Boost. However, unlike the other SOS abilities, even if you heal out of SOS, the boost stays, so it's effectively a +27 ATK top! This is the maingame thread with the highest non-SOS ATK boost. Costs at least ¥51690 to unlock because you need the shopkeeper at FSG Lv5 to unlock the ability. The Tektite is obtainable by defeating both W3D1 pigs. The Sleek Silk is given by a wall reaper on W1D6.

W3D7 Pi-Face's Cap: Hat: +15 ATK, 75 BRV. Given after Konishi's boss fight
Either Neku or Beat work towards 75 BRV just to equip this for the final 3 fights.


Threads (consideration)

These aren't being used in a current run, but could merit consideration. Possible exclusion reasons are listed.

[FR] W2D3 Hannya: Bottom: +3 ATK (Neku only), 28 BRV. Cat Street JM, ¥10800
New tech that nobody has used yet! The ability grants Neku some ATK, and so for him only, it can replace Purple Sneaks. 1 Masamune must be bought to raise shop FSG to unlock the ability.

W2D5 Patchy Biker Jacket: Top: +21 ATK, 45 BRV. Molco TP, 1 Biker Jacket/5 Tektite/2 Durable Leather
The Tektite requirement is probably too much, and it requires a detour.

W2D5 Sun Emperor: Uniform: +7 ATK, +15% SOS ATK, 45 BRV. Shibukyu DC, 1 Vernal Equinox/3 Tektite/1 Sleek Silk
Better than Camouflage, but raising the shopkeeper's FSG to unlock it costs ¥52500. You get 1 Sleek Silk for Free, but it's better to use that for the Goth Bondage Coat. Takes up the 4th equip slot, which is otherwise used for Purple Sneaks.

[FR] W3D2 Lapin Angelique Suicide Special (LASS): ¥80970 + 6 BRAVE+
Because only ATK matters in FR, one idea that may be feasible is to equip Neku with LASS, the most potent maingame SOS setup. However, Neku requires 152 BRV to wear Vampire Dress. This requires an enormous investment of 6 BRAVE+: ¥40K on 2 BRAVE+ on W2D4, then ¥80K on 4 BRAVE+ on W2D6. Neku will consume 5 of them, while the last one is for Beat. As all the W2 money is going towards BRAVE+, there won't be enough money for King Pendant. Depending on routing, other purchases may also need to be cut.

Secret Report Guide : TWEWY

If the W2D5 brand wall takes 2 fights to clear, there are exactly 15 fights between W2D5 to the moment where you enter Lapin Angelique on W3D2. To conserve the most money, there is a specific FSG buy order:

2: Lace Bonnet (¥3000. This should be enough because of Shiki's Ribbon Bonnet in W1D3.)
3: Vampire Dress, Blond Wig (¥26880)
4: 2x Lace Bonnet, Ribbon Mini-hat (¥10200)
5: 2x Lace Bonnet, Ribbon Mini-hat (¥10200)
6: 2x Lace Bonnet, Ribbon Mini-hat (¥10200)
7: Vampire Dress, Ribbon Bonnet, Goth Bondage Coat (¥20490, get Vampire Dress' ability)

Neku has Tin Pin Thrift in the pin deck, and equips Ribbon Mini-hat, Goth Bondage Coat, Vampire Dress, and Camouflage (from Wild Boar). Overall, Neku will have 50 ATK and +120% SOS ATK.


[FR] W3D5 Won't Stop: Bottom: +3 ATK (Beat only), 25 BRV. Udagawa WB, ¥10500
More new tech that nobody has used yet! The ability must be unlocked at Cyco Records by buying 6 CDs for ¥9000 total. This is better than getting ATK Capsules for Beat.



Neku starts with 15 BRV and must get to at least 38 BRV to wear the Biker Jacket, which is in every run. This is achievable with Tonkotsu Ramen and at least 4 ice cream (Vanilla Soft Serve). Neku will need to eat an additional 4 ice cream and 1 BRAVE+ if he wishes to wear Pi-Face's Cap at the end of W3.

Shiki's starting BRV is 110. Joshua's starting BRV is 49 if LVG max is 10. Therefore, they don't require BRV food and can focus on ATK food instead.

Beat's starting BRV is 20 if LVG max is 16. That means he's a coward and will need at least 1 BRAVE+. Two are needed if you want him to wear the Goth Bondage Coat.

W1D3 Tonkotsu Ramen: +6 BRV in 16. Ramen Don, ¥750
Neku needs a big, hearty meal at the start of the game.

W1D3 Miso Ramen: +1 ATK in 9. Ramen Don, ¥680
Given to Shiki because ATK is good.

W1D3 Shio Ramen (not for consumption): Ramen Don, ¥580
You'll need this for a W2D5 wall. Get it with the other ramen to save time.

W1D3 Vanilla Soft Serve: +2 BRV in 5. Sunshine Shibukyu, ¥230
Neku must go on an ice cream diet to wear better clothes.

W1D5 Hot Dog: +1 ATK in 8. Mexican Dog, ¥460
Given to Joshua and Beat. ATK is good, and this is inexpensive.

W1D6 Definitivo Chili Dog: +3 ATK in 13. Mexican Dog, (FSG Lv3) 3 Rare Metal/1 Crimson Chili/1 Choice Meat
You must buy the Choice Meat at Shibu Dept./Herbal Remedies for ¥9800. This can be used to clear an optional wall on W2D2, which gives you ¥1000 and a Sparkling Silver. Joshua may then eat it on W2D3, or it may be saved for Beat.

Twewy Unlock Pin Slots Games

W2D4/W2D6 BRAVE+: +20 BRV in 3. Shibu-Q Heads/Pharmacy, ¥20000
Expensive but you must budget for these! Beat needs 1 to wear the King Pendant, and 2 to wear the Goth Bondage Coat. Neku needs 1 to wear Pi-Face's Cap. May be deferred to W2D6 if short on cash.

[DS] W1D3 OJ: Sync 3. Sunshine Shibukyu, ¥210
Cheap sync booster that works for Shiki (+45/+20) and Joshua (+22.5/+20).

[DS] W2D3 Bouillabaisse: Sync 5. WildKat, ¥580
Excellent sync booster for Beat (+60/+40).

[DS] W2D5 Minestrone: Sync 4. Sunshine Shibukyu, ¥420
Excellent sync booster for Neku (+45/+30).



You must be aware of your materials count at all times, as a run may be aborted due to not having enough of a particular material!

Rare Metal: Used for many purchases, this is the one material that you need plenty of. The best time to farm Rare Metal is W1D6 where there are plenty of Decadravens (#58, 3%). A 4-chain at Center St. should do it. W1D7 has a 3-chain wall where you can get some if you do the chain at Scramble Crossing.

Rare Metal checklist
1: Partner ATK sticker (Shiki: AMX; Joshua: Shibu Dept./PG; Beat: Udagawa/WB)
2: Partner ATK sticker (Shiki: Molco/DB; Joshua: Shibukyu Main/DC; Beat: Shibu-Q Heads/2F)
2: Extra Slot (W2D5: Shibukyu Main/DC)
2: Fusion Lv3 Shiki (W1D6: Molco/DB)
3: Fusion Lv3 Joshua/Beat (W2D5 Joshua: Shibukyu Main/DC; W3D5 Beat: Udagawa/WB)
3: Biker Jacket (Molco/TP)
3: Definitivo Chili Dog (Spain Hill)
3: Trade for 1 Tektite at Shibu-Q Heads/2F
4: Extra Slot (W2D5: 104/Edoga)
4: Tin Pin Wind (Udagawa/Cyco)
6: King Pendant (W3D2: 104/WB)

Tektite: Needed for fusion level 3, the 6th pin slot, and various high-powered equips. The best time to farm Tektite is W2D2 Scramble Crossing on hard difficulty. This has the weakest bird (Decadraven, #58, 6%) that drops it, as later enemies may be too strong. Tektite may be quest purchased by spending ¥25000 on W2D4 Shibu-Q Heads/2F, then trading 3 Rare Metal for 1 Tektite. Two pigs give Tektite on W3D1, which is conveniently the amount required for Goth Bondage Coat on W3D2.

Tektite checklist
1: Fusion Lv3 Joshua/Beat (Joshua: Shibukyu Main DC; Beat: Udagawa WB)
1: Extra Slot (104/Edoga)
2: Goth Bondage Coat (A-East/LA)
2: Tin Pin Blade (Udagawa/Cyco)
3: Sun Emperor (Shibukyu Main/DC)
5: Patchy Biker Jacket (Molco/TP)

Durable Leather: You get 1 from a forced wall on W1D5, and 1 from an optional wall on W1D6 Molco. The optional wall requires you to have a Lv3 Murasame, which is a pin given to you from the forced wall. Clearing both allows you to obtain 2 Biker Jackets.

Sleek Silk: You get 1 from an optional wall on W1D6 Center St., and requires you to have 3 Rare Metal, which is easily obtained from the bird noise. You may use the Sleek Silk towards Sun Emperor or Goth Bondage Coat.

Sparkling Silver: The only use for these in the maingame is to get the King Pendant. One is given from the Definitivo Chili Dog wall on W2D2, but runners have opted to just purchase the 3 required for the King Pendant at W2D6 Shibu-Q Heads.

Cheats De The World Ends With You( TWEWY) PARA DSTT??

Adamantite: Don't bother. The one great equip that requires it, D+B Ring, isn't worth the time loss because the detour to Molco on W3D3 is dangerous due to random reapers. No current run uses Adamantite.


Shop FSG

The shop friendship gauge (FSG) is tricky. Certain FSG levels are required for unlocks. Raising the FSG requires spending enough money, but there are thresholds for each level. If you go over the threshold, the excess won't count towards the next level. In a money-tight speedrun, it's important to know the shop FSG thresholds. Only FSG-relevant shops in the speedrun are listed:

104/Wild Boar:
¥4000, 4000, 8000, 8000 (Lv3 for Camouflage, Lv5 for King Pendant)

A-East/Lapin Angelique:
¥4000, 26000, 10000, 10000, 10000, 20000 (Lv5 for Goth Bondage Coat, Lv7 for Vampire Dress)

Molco/Tigre Punks:
¥10000, 10000 (Lv3 for Purple Sneaks)

Cadoi City/Mus Rattus:
¥4000, 4000 (Lv3 for Green Warm-Ups)

Cat Street/Jupiter of the Monkey:
¥12500, 12500 (Lv2 for Hannya, Lv3 for Naraka)

Shibukyu Main Store/Dragon Couture:
¥20000, 20000, 10000 (Lv4 for Sun Emperor)



Pigs are optional fights. However, you may wish to fight some of them as their drops may help you. The following is a list of significant pigs:

W1D3 Dogenzaka (¥5000) Southwest corner, near A-East exit
Required in DS for your initial funds to shop at Ramen Don. FR starts with ¥5000 but runners currently fight this for the extra cash.

W1D3 Shibukyu Main Store (¥5000) Just north of Beat and Rhyme
Some runners opt to fight this.

W1D4 104 (¥5000) West side
Unlike the W1D3 pigs, this one gives enough EXP for an automatic level up. This is fought to raise you to Lv4, which guarantees the ¥1000 pin drop for the Scramble Crossing wall reaper.

W1D5 Molco (¥5000) Top-left side, near the poster
Again, this is an automatic level up.

W2D5 West Exit Bus Terminal (Nikkari) Southwest corner
Could be used to obtain a 2nd Lance Lunge pin, or upgrade Ichimonji early.

W3D1 West Exit Bus Terminal (Tektite) East building wall
W3D1 Station Underpass (Tektite) Southwest corner
2 quick fights for Beat to help digest the BRAVE+, and the Tektite is useful towards getting Goth Bondage Coat.

W3D5 AMX (Stopper Spark) AMX circle logo sign (Warning: Taboo noise present)
Though it is an upgrade over Poison Bones, it also has the problem of being unable to affect reapers. It has questionable value for Any%, but if you're going for an all secret reports run, grab this, as it'll help a lot there.

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Let's Play The World Ends With You: Part 21, Extra Pin Slots ...

Compatibility info

This application is designed to work with any mobile network like AT&T, Vodafone, Sprint, Verizon, Bell, Rogers, Optus, Telstra, O2, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Cricket, smartphone model like LG, Sony, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Alcatel, Wiko in any country. Just make sure that you follow the instructions above, and you won’t have any problems by removing the factory lock.
You can install the program on any computer or laptop that uses Windows, Linux or iOS.