Two Deck Blackjack Strategy

2-deck blackjack, also known as double-deck blackjack, is played with two decks and the dealer hits on a soft 17. The rules of 2-deck blackjack may be slightly different from one casino to the next. However, the dealer hits on soft 17. The first two cards are dealt to the player face down. Any cards drawn after the first two are dealt face up.

Learn basic blackjack strategy before beginning to play. Whether you hope to make a fortune counting cards or simply enjoy playing a few rounds of blackjack at the casino table, there are some important pointers to follow.

Two deck blackjack strategy blackjack

In blackjack, the Ace may be valued as either 1 or 11. A hand containing an Ace counted as 11 is called “soft.” If the dealer’s first two cards are an Ace and a 6, his hand is known as soft 17. Any other combination totaling 17 points is hard 17. In some casinos, the blackjack dealer may hit on soft 17. This means that he may draw an additional card.

Blackjack strategy encourages you to surrender in two specific scenarios. The first scenario is when you hold a hard 16 (unless you are holding a pair of 8s – then splitting is the correct call) against the dealer’s 9, 10, or Ace. The other scenario is when you hold hard 15 against the dealer’s 10. There are indeed only a handful of changes in strategy between the 6-deck and the 2-deck game. In a 2-deck S17 game: Split 77v8, Split 66v7, and Double 9v2. If the game is H17, also double A3v4.

To find out whether this is an option, take a look at the blackjack table layout. It will say either “Dealer Hits Soft 17” or “Dealer Must Stand on all 17.” The soft 17 rule will increase the house edge by a small amount

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