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Texas is one of the strictest states when it comes to gambling and its laws can cover a wide variety of activities. Under Texas law, (Penal Code ยง47.02) gambling is considered a criminal offense if someone:

  • makes a bet on the partial or final result of a game or contest or on the performance of a participant in a game or contest
  • makes a bet on the result of any political nomination, appointment, or election or on the degree of success of any nominee, appointee, or candidate; or
  • plays and bets for money or other thing of value at any game played with cards, dice, balls, or any other gambling device.

The law does provide for some exceptions such as participating in the state lotteryor placing bets on horse and greyhound dog races (sometimes referred to as pari-mutuel wagering). The law also provides for some affirmative defenses to prosecution:

Gambling Age in Texas. The current minimum gambling age in Texas is 21 for land-based casinos and online gambling and 18 for horse racing, lottery and online bingo. Nevertheless, we should remind you that there are only three functioning casinos in the state and they are owned by the Kickapoo tribe. Online gambling is illegal. OUR VIEW: No casinos in Texas. Our state government might face a budget shortfall, but it is not desperate. The Legislature should again beat back any efforts to legalize casino gambling.

  • the actor engaged in gambling in a private place;
  • no person received any economic benefit other than personal winnings; and
  • except for the advantage of skill or luck, the risks of losing and the chances of winning were the same for all participants

Additional exceptions include if the person reasonably believed their conduct:

  • was permitted under Chapter 2001, Occupations Code; (Charitable Bingo)
  • was permitted under Chapter 2002, Occupations Code; (Charitable Raffles)
  • was permitted under Chapter 2004, Occupations Code; (Sports Charity Raffles)

The first page of this guide will provide you with an overview of the Texas laws on gambling while the subsequent pages will discuss more specific topics like bingo, eight-liners and poker.

We've compiled this legal online betting guide for US players arranged by state, to provide accurate and up to date information on the legal online gambling status and gaming options available within each US state. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive state gambling directory which will empower players with the information to make informed decisions about online gambling.

This state-specific data will include a look at the state laws governing online gambling opportunities from online casinos, online poker, to online sports betting.

Each individual state is approaching the legalization of online gambling differently, thus it is necessary to detail lawfully available state-licensed options, and sanctioned licensed offshore online gambling opportunities. We also address some of the most commonly asked questions about gambling in each state and provide some helpful resources for players to access. This information can only be covered in depth within each of the state pages we offer, which you can find listed within this guide.

Is Online Gambling Legal In My State?

To avoid confusion, we have marked US states which offer state-regulated gambling options in the table below with a check mark. At this moment in time, eight US states have legalized and regulated online gambling in some form. For example:

Online Poker & Casinos:

Why won
  • Delaware - Online Poker and Online Casino gambling
  • Nevada - Online Poker
  • New Jersey - Online Poker, Online Casinos
  • Pennsylvania - Online Poker, Online Casinos
  • West Virginia - Online Poker, Online Casinos

Online Sports Betting & Fantasy Sports

Why Won't Texas Legalize Gambling Laws

  • Illinois - Legalized Online Sports Betting**
  • Indiana - Offers Online Sports Betting
  • Iowa - Offers Online Sports Betting
  • Massachusetts - Fantasy Sports Allowed
  • Mississippi - Online Allowed At Casinos Only
  • Montana - Legalized Online Sports Betting**
  • Nevada - Online Sportsbooks State-wide
  • New Jersey - Online Sportsbooks State-wide
  • New York - Allows Fantasy Sports And Domestic Sports Betting
  • Oregon - Offers Online Sports Betting
  • Pennsylvania - Offers Online and Domestic Sports Betting
  • Rhode Island - Offers Online and Domestic Sports Betting
  • Tennessee - Offers Online Sports Betting Apps
  • West Virginia - Online Sports Betting Allowed State-wide

** Legalized but Pending launch

Online Lottery:

  • Georgia - Online Lottery Allowed
  • Illinois - Online Lottery Allowed
  • Kentucky - Online Lottery Allowed
  • Michigan - Online Lottery Allowed
  • Minnesota - Online Lottery Allowed
  • New Hampshire - Online Lottery Allowed
  • Pennsylvania - Online Lottery Allowed

Why Won't Texas Legalize Gambling Legalized

Is Licensed Offshore Gambling Legal In My State?

While the above-mentioned states offer regulated online gambling, they still maintain the option to utilize licensed offshore online options. Nearly all US state residents, except those from Washington or Connecticut, can legally access licensed offshore online gambling platforms to play online casino games, poker, or bet on sports.

This is because no state laws in these other 48 states specifically prohibit or allow it - thus operating in a technical grey area, it is still considered safe to use because it is not likely these states will draft and pass legislation to specifically affect domestic access to licensed offshore gaming.

What Is The Minimum Online Gambling Age in the US?

There is no one minimum gambling age in the US as this is set and regulated by each individual state. The minimum gambling age within each state is affected by various factors such as game selected and licensor. By this, we mean state-regulated online gambling options require domestic players, whether residents or visitors, to abide by the state's minimum gambling age for that form of gambling on land within the state's borders.

However, licensed offshore online platforms which offer casino games, poker, and sports betting can lawfully accept players who are at least 18 years of age or older. These licensed offshore online sites also offer players much more in the way of bonuses and perks and the platforms we recommend are all extremely reputable.

U.S. States Where You Can Legally Gamble At 18 And Up

Why Won't Texas Legalize Gambling Winnings

Below you can learn more about the minimum legal online gambling age by state in the USA.

AL Offshore Yes:18IL Offshore Yes:18NE Offshore Yes:18SD Offshore Yes:18
AK Offshore Yes:18IN Offshore Yes:18NV Offshore Yes:18SC Offshore Yes:18
AZ Offshore Yes:18KS Offshore Yes:18NH Offshore Yes:18TN Offshore Yes:18
AR Offshore Yes:18KY Offshore Yes:18NJ Offshore NoTX Offshore Yes:18
CA Offshore Yes:18LA Offshore Yes:18NM Offshore Yes:18UT Offshore Yes:18
CO Offshore Yes:18ME Offshore Yes:18NY Offshore Yes:18VT Offshore Yes:18
CT Offshore NoMD Offshore Yes:18ND Offshore Yes:18VA Offshore Yes:18
DE Offshore Yes:18MA Offshore Yes:18NC Offshore Yes:18WA Offshore No
FL Offshore Yes:18MI Offshore Yes:18OH Offshore Yes:18WV Offshore Yes:18
GA Offshore Yes:18MN Offshore Yes:18OK Offshore Yes:18WI Offshore Yes:18
HI Offshore Yes:18MS Offshore Yes:18OR Offshore Yes:18WY Offshore Yes:18
ID Offshore Yes:18MO Offshore Yes:18PA Offshore Yes:18
IA Offshore Yes:18MT Offshore Yes:18RI Offshore Yes:18

Online Gambling Laws in The United States

Gambling laws can be a rather complex topic these days as there are several US federal gambling laws to account for such as the UIGEA, and the Federal Wire Act, as well as, several individual state gambling laws. The reason for this is because the United States DOJ has said that states have the authority to determine their own destiny concerning both land-based and online gambling.

Afterward, several states moved forward with legalizing some forms of online gambling for their region. Multiple other states are currently in discussions amongst themselves regarding the possibility of embracing this virtual gaming platform in their own territories. As discussed earlier and from what can be read from our laws page, US players outside of WA and CT are permitted access to multiple licensed, certified, and regulated online gambling sites hosted outside of the United States. This is a nice alternative for those players not located in a state with its own regulated form of domestic online gambling.

States With Pending Online Gambling Legislation

Why Won't Texas Legalize Gambling Marijuana

US States That Offer Domestic Sportsbooks

US States With Passed Sports Betting Legislation (Pending Launch)