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UPDATE: In January 2020, Wynn updated the slots app again. Feel free to read the below post, but it is no longer accurate. I mention the changes in a new post.

If you play online slots you’ve probably heard about some recent Wynn Slots app changes. I had previously mentioned the app when I wrote about online slots. In that post, I suggested Wynn would eventually change things, making it more difficult to get a free room. Well, that happened a month or so ago. I didn’t write about the changes when they happened. I wanted to give myself some time to live with the changes.

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What are the Wynn Slots App Changes

Wynn Slots Terms And Conditions

A VIP system is the biggest of the Wynn Slots app changes. Like most online slots, there was already a leveling system. With most online slots, levels are usually used to unlock certain games or even betting levels. If gems are Wynn’s equivalent of MyVegas loyalty points, VIP levels are the equivalent of the Caesars /Playtika status (except this status matters outside of the app).

As you level up, you unlock different rewards to exchange your gems for. Level 1 lets you use gems to buy a buffet. Once you reach level 2, you can exchange gems for a room. Levels 3 through 5 provide an increasing discount on the gem cost of a room.


As you would expect, the internet Vegas nerds were apprehensive over this. To be blunt, if people did not expect Wynn Slots app changes of this type they were delusional. It is simply not reasonable to expect one of the higher-end resorts on the Strip to literally just give away rooms for free long term.

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Do Wynn Slots App Changes Force Me to Spend Money for a Room?

As mentioned above, in order to use gems to get a room you need to be VIP Level 2. This means getting a free room became more difficult. Some will tell you the only way to achieve this is to spend money. Strictly speaking, this is not true. For most people, though, it probably is. To reach level 2 you need to earn 10,000 VIP points in 90 days. This equates to an average of 112 points per day (actually 111 and change). To earn this without spending money, players will have to be very disciplined about playing on a schedule.

You would need to collect both 12-hour bonuses each day as well as 5 of the 3-hour bonuses. You can do this by opening the app every three hours (for example, 9 am, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm). This will get you (almost) halfway there at 55 points. Players would also need to complete one Platinum event per day to earn 25 points. The most difficult task, in my opinion, is completing the required four Gold level events (9 points each) each day. This would earn you 116 points in one day.

The above strategy would earn you 10,440 points in 90 days. This means you can spread around 440 points worth of ‘slacking’ on those 90 days. It’s up to you how you do this. For example, you could collect 4 of the 3-hour bonuses per day (instead of 5). This will leave you short at 9,990 points at the end of the 90 day period. To get those extra 10 points, you’ll need to collect a few ‘extra’ of those bonuses along the way.

How Does Real Money Come into Play?

You can buy chips with an in-app purchase, just as before. Whenever you buy chips, you are also rewarded with VIP points. It’s up to each person to decide what is the best value for them.

In a worst-case scenario, you have zero VIP points. You can buy 300 million chips for $99.99. This will also reward you with 9,999 points. So collecting one of the 3-hour or 12-hour bonuses will put you over the threshold for level 2. I would not advise doing this unless you know you have sufficient gems to pay for a room. Sadly, the rate calendar is not available to you until you reach level 2. It wouldn’t take long to find an online resource to find the information, though. There are Facebook groups dedicated to the app, after all.

Best Overall Strategy


It is difficult to say what the best approach is as it depends on the person. If you can dedicate yourself to playing as much as required to earn level 2 without spending money, that is the best approach. Most people probably can’t play that much, though.

Luckily, the app doesn’t need much direct interaction. This makes it easy to just start an auto spin and go about doing other things. So my suggestion would be to play as much as possible to maximize the number of gems you have. If you earn 6000 gems, you can probably exchange that for a 3 night midweek stay. If you have enough gems, but no VIP points, you’ll need to spend money. If you spend the roughly $100 to get there, you’re getting nights at the Wynn for $33 per night. That is an exceptional value.

If you’re going the hybrid route of earning points by playing and making up the difference with buying points, you increase that value. If you have 4,000 VIP points, you can buy 5,999 points for $59.99. This makes reduces the nightly rate above to $20 per night. I would advise not spending money on this until you are confident you will be using your gems.

Looking Ahead


Wynn Slots Terms And Conditions

It’s reasonable to expect the value of these rewards to continue to erode. Possible erosions are increasing the points required to earn level 2 or even the number of gems required to pay for a room. Personally, I’m still playing the game daily and stockpiling gems. I hope I can use them to get a free stay before the goalposts move again.